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Mommy to the Rescue



In the Bush clan, she is known as The Enforcer. That’s how tough Barbara Bush is. Jeb jokes that she was such a strict disciplinarian she should’ve been charged with child abuse when he was growing up. So tough that at the age of 90 she slogged through the New Hampshire snow this week – with the aid of her walker –  to stump for her son. Tough enough to put Donald Trump in his place if they ever met one on one.

She is also a former first lady whose charitable work, mischievous wit and authentic personality won the hearts of millions of Americans.

No doubt about it. This is one formidable campaigner.

But not even Barbara Bush can save Jeb now.

Neither can her ex-president son George W, who is appearing in a Super Bowl commercial to boost his brother Jeb’s candidacy.

It’s all Jeb has left. He has tried everything else, spent millions – make that tens of millions – and he has hardly any votes to show for it.

Despite flooding the airwaves with ads, Jeb remains a footnote in the New Hampshire primary. He was even less relevant in Iowa.

Yes, there are Republicans who remember the Bush years favorably – strange as that might seem to the rest of us. But they are a splinter group, even among the far right.

America made the worst blunder in foreign policy history on W’s watch. And Jeb is promising to repeat it.

Not even his beloved mom could sell that kind of horror to the voters.

After Tuesday’s primary, it will probably be goodbye Jeb. Goodbye W. And goodbye Barbara. No hard feelings. Don’t take it personally.

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