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More Evidence of the Grab for Public Services

So you don’t believe me.  You think I crossed the line when I pointed to the Post Office “crisis” as just another example of a massive raid on government assets. That’s why, I suppose, nobody commented on my last blog. And that’s why the predators get away with their looting. People just can’t believe anyone would be so outrageous, so brazen, so successful.

You might even buy the predators’ propaganda. You might believe that government is inherently inefficient and wasteful, and that private companies will always do a better job of running  things – from “the war on terror” to public parks and prisons.

Yes, prisons.

They’re privatizing prisons all over the developed world. And that’s why there’s so much pressure on politicians to “crack down.”

Crack down on crime (but not on white-collar crime, of course; that’s protected). Crack down on illegal immigration.

You might think the politicians and their backers are pursuing draconian policies to protect us citizens. And if it comforts you to think that way, who am I to burst your bubble?

But, just in case  you have the stomach for the truth, here it is:

A handful of multinational security companies have been turning crackdowns on immigration into a growing global industry.

That isn’t some wild-eyed Hippie sharing a visionary trip. This is the venerable New York Times News Service. In an article circulated today by Truthout, Nina Bernstein reports:

Especially in Britain, the United States and Australia, governments of different stripes have increasingly looked to such companies to expand detention and show voters they are enforcing tougher immigration laws.

Some of the companies are huge — one is among the largest private employers in the world — and they say they are meeting demand faster and less expensively than the public sector could.

But the ballooning of privatized detention has been accompanied by scathing inspection reports, lawsuits and the documentation of widespread abuse and neglect, sometimes lethal. Human rights groups say detention has neither worked as a deterrent nor speeded deportation, as governments contend, and some worry about the creation of a “detention-industrial complex” with a momentum of its own.

Click here to read the article.

It’s all part of a vast “free-market” initiative that will further enrich a small sliver of the population at the expense of the general public. And it will be accompanied by unimaginable horrors as the predators seek to enhance their profits by degrading the quality of the service they provide.

While voters are distracted by such issues as when “life” begins in the womb and concocted threats like “Shariah law” and “Socialism,” the predators and their political hacks are sneakily promoting policies that fill their pockets.

Forget about ideology. Forget about “the common good.” Forget about the BS that fills the airwaves and the press. To find the truth, follow the money.

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