More racial diverse advertisement..interracial still taboo

A while back I wrote on how shocked I was when I saw a TV commercial with a interracial couple (black and white). Seems that advertisements are getting more diverse per an article on Yahoo however  interracial couples is still taboo. It is a long article but a good read. There was a college professor mentioned in the article who did an experiment every valentine to see how students feel about interracial couples. Here is an excerpt

 This 2008 spot is clever not only for its humor, but because it gingerly tests one of several racial boundaries most advertisers are still loath to cross: The presentation of interracial courting or romance.

“It’s still one of the three taboos in the industry,” says Williams, the University of Texas advertising professor.

Each semester, he hands a Valentine’s Day ad to his students that depicts a black man presenting flowers to a white woman in a romantic setting. Most of his students don’t see anything wrong with it.

However, he adds, “When I ask them to take it home to show their parents and grandparents, the reaction I get is still, ‘We’re not quite ready for that yet.'”

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