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Taking Jay-Z out of the conversation, is it possible that Nikki Minaj is the best NY rapper doing it today?

And also in that vein, is Vybz “Cake Soap” Kartel (R) the best dancehall has to offer? Please let the answer to that question be no….
Raphael Saadiq performing with Mick Jagger @ The Grammys = Great look. Saadiq is easily one of the most underrated musicians of this generation.
Watched the Barcelona v Arsenal Champions League 1st leg on February 16th. The same Barca team that picked apart and destroyed Arsenal a year ago was deservedly beaten at the Emirates Stadium by Arsenal.
Koscielny (below) was marking Messi so closely I think the Argentinian superstar is still tangled up in his shorts! I’m looking forward to the return fixture in Barcelona.

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