Murdering Jamaica’s Children

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KajThis is supposed to be the lighter side of Jamaican news but there is nothing worth joking about in the following stories. The weekend of July 1 – 3, turned out to be a very sad one for the families of Khajeel Mais and Teonia Henry – two young lives cut tragically short by violence.

Khajeel, a 17-year-old young man, was in a taxi heading to Meadowbrook High School to attend a function. The taxi allegedly hit a BMW X5, and apparently the driver of the X5 was so upset at the fact that his dearly beloved vehicle was hit that he drew his gun and fired two shots at the taxi. One of those bullets went through the head of young Mais.  The driver of the X5 then sped off and now the cops are in search of him.

When I saw the headline, “Student shot dead” I was expecting to read that this youngster was involved in some illegal activities of sorts and was killed because of it. Only to read the facts as reported by The Gleaner. He did nothing but opt to take the wrong taxi on the wrong day, and his life was snuffed out. Can you imagine how his mother must feel? She denied him his wish of going out initially and changed the decision to let him go. I wish the best for his family in their time of bereavement.

The driver of that BMW X5, I can only imagine, must have been high on something, does not value life or is probably a very cross and serious individual that does not know the correct protocol when an accident occurs. The main point is that when he gets caught, he deserves the full extent of punishment that can be meted out (within the penal code of this nation). When I think of it, I just feel like he does not deserve to live after what he did. But I leave that in the hands of our Maker.

X6Some psychologist or psychiatrist just might psychoanalyze this man and say he was having a bad day and the accident might have set him off. I say at this moment in time that it’s a load of crap! He had a gun that close because he intended to use it; it just so happened that he used it to the demise of Khajeel.

[UPDATE: Since this post was written it has been revealed that the driver was the owner of a licensed firearm, that the vehicle may have actually been an X6, and the suspect has fled the island]

TeoniaThe story of little Teonia is just as sad. She went missing from her home and two days later she was found in her community with her hands bound in front of her with 5 stab wounds to her chest and her throat slashed. Teonia was the only daughter for her mother and father who, by the way, are still in shock. I cannot even begin to fathom how on this earth, a man or woman can abduct a little girl, torture her (for God only knows how long and with what), and then kill her for no apparent reason. The perpetrators in this case are heartless individuals who need Jesus, I swear.

Now, the perpetrators of these gruesome murders deserve to get some sort of divine intervention along with the just punishment commensurate with their actions – maybe corporal punishment (murder dem baxide wid pure lick). The sad thing about all of this is that no amount of punishment will ever bring Khajeel or Teonia back to live the life that was taken away from them.


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