musings of the single and ‘difficult’

all i want is a person who will stomach me when i whine, not mind the fact that i leave the house in next to nothing, perhaps they’re hard of hearing so the volume of myself and my family isn’t an issue, they can deal with the fact that i’m sporadic and yes i want to go to the tiger mart at 3am because i need…not want…need that bounty bar, and they’re comfortable at the duttiest dash out session and the snootiest restaurant and can handle the fact that i will not change who i am in either of those spaces and can appreciate music from big youth to deadmau5 to kartel to dolly parton to tribe called quest to miles davis to nina simone to kanye to jigga to soundgarden…and can handle the fact that my friends are a random hodge podge of loud moody silent screaming queeny qeenly rastariffic awesome and i will try to rescue every stray animal and take it home if left to my devices….is that so hard to find? sigh. #onwards


Carla Moore is a Jamaican geek, mongrel dawg lover, and general mout-a-massey from the Jamaican countryside. When she nuh inna dance a faas inna people business she can be found trying to do di people dem school work, bigging up Jamaica all over, or pon smaddy stage sumweh a nuff up harself. She fight fi wah fi fight fah and love all.

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