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MVP vs. Racers Track Club: The saga continues

The Racers Track Club has rubbished claims made by MVP Track Club president, Bruce James, who suggested in a release earlier this week that  athletes were leaving his club and moving to Racers because they were being enticed by monetary gain. Read more>>

Source: The Gleaner 

Note how the MVP president said “the other track club” when referring to Racers. Not referring to Racers by name is a dead giveaway that the two clubs have simmering tension. My sources at Racers, however, gave a different perspective. Based on what I was told, it wasn’t money that sparked the defection from MVP. It was a combination of different things, chief among them an intolerance for Francis, who they claim “must have lost his calling and was more suited to being an army drill instructor than a track and field coach”. Read more>>

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Letter: MVP manufacturing injuries? If we should examine this season of athletics, especially the recently concluded World Championships, several of the top MVP Track Club athletes were carrying injuries. Is it that the training at this high-profile club is so vigorous that it’s damaging our precious athletes? Read more>>

Source: Jamaica Gleaner 



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