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My Pick for Vice President Might Surprise You

Despite the conniving by so many powerful people dedicated to Barack Obama’s defeat, I am sure that John McCain will not be America’s next President. The country would not have survived for more than 230 years if the majority of its citizens were that obtuse.

A lot of voters don’t pay close attention to the issues and you might get the impression that they’re, well, somewhat gullible. But, believe me, most Americans can recognize a scam the second time around, and they’re not going to be fooled again so soon. You know the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

They got taken by George W. Bush, and they are not going to be taken by McCain. It’s as simple as that.

With that in mind, I won’t bother to predict McCain’s choice for vice president. Trust me: It will not matter. Instead, I will concentrate on Obama’s running mate.

So here goes… Remember, you heard it here first.

Actually, Carolyn Kennedy would be my “dream” choice. But, I know that’s not going to happen. The world isn’t that sensible a place. So, I’ll look at the more mundane possibilities.

There are many good choices available, but I would rule out several good candidates because to put it bluntly, they’re too old. Disqualifications include Hillary Clinton, Wes Clark, Sam Nunn, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Kathleen Sebelius and Jim Webb. You see, I am betting that Obama will pick someone young enough to win the presidency for the Democrats after his eight years in the White House.

I would also pick someone with a management record, a governor as opposed to a senator, someone like New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson or Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. They are both 50 years old and have solid administrative track records. A Hispanic, Richardson would help secure the Latin American vote, but judging from the polls, Obama doesn’t need much help there. I would give the nod to Napolitano. She would give Obama a boost in the western states and she was named by Time Magazine as one of America’s five best governors.

“Janet who?” is probably your next question, so let me fill you in.

The 21st governor of Arizona is considered one of America’s most innovative leaders. Her causes include better schools, affordable health care, sensible and progressive economic development, secure borders and a comprehensive plan to legalize the status of undocumented immigrants. She is also known for her devotion to fiscal responsibility, an asset the next administration is really going to need.

Here are some of the things she’s achieved in Arizona:

– Voluntary full-day kindergarten

– A pay raise for teachers

– Record financial support for universities and community colleges

– Health insurance reforms, including coverage for all of Arizona’s children

The first woman to chair the National Governors Association, she is a former U.S. Attorney for Arizona and her state’s first-ever female Attorney General.

My only concern is her health. She is a cancer survivor who has had a mastectomy, but this is the year 2008, after all, and cancer is not the bogeyman it once was. It could even be an asset, as she would be acutely aware of the health issues facing Americans.

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