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My vote – My choice

I am not a Democrat.  Lest anyone get the wrong impression, neither am I a Republican.  After seeing politics up close and personal as a Congressional Aide for a Democratic Congresswoman, whom I couldn’t even bring myself to vote for, I completely lost all interest in the process and eventually registered as an Independent voter.  I felt I had nothing in common with the Democratic Party which seemed to be an all encompassing free for all that stood for everything and nothing.   That was until President Obama emerged and his call for responsibility, accountability and a new way of doing business in America eventually got my fervent support.  I’m still an Independent but was more than happy to support the President and still am.

My decision has taken on even more meaning these past few days as I have watched the increasing debate around healthcare reform and the fact that some Democrats seem unable to focus on what is at stake here, but instead would rather play the same old politics with people’s lives.

I’m not surprised at the Republicans, they after all are simply carrying out the expressed wishes of their great and grand leader Rush Limbaugh, who prays the President will fail.  What is alarming, however, is the short sightedness of those elected Democrats who are focusing so much on the trees that they can’t see the forest.  Where were these voices of reason when the former President was rushing headlong into an unnecessary war,  one I might add which was not budgeted for and which according to CNN could cost $1.6 trillion. 

My question is why is there money for everything else but for the health and well being of the American people whose tax dollars make these ventures possible in the first place.  I work in the healthcare industry and I see what patients have to go through to get precertified for examinations, even when they pay their monthly premiums faithfully.  I also have relatives and friends who have transitioned from one job to another only to find the prospect of continuing their coverage through COBRA nothing but a cruel, grossly unaffordable joke.

Why is there not money to help provide healthcare, but money for everything else.  Why are we the pawns of the insurance companies.   Why did we not even have this conversation years ago when the Republicans were firmly in control of the reins.  Why is it now that there is a serious attempt to do something for “We the People” that all of a sudden we are being told the President’s plan is catastrophic and will put us in debt.  Hello! Is anyone listening, we’re already there; we inherited a nightmare from the previous administration.

Personally, if this measure fails I hope that no politician thinks they can count on my vote again because the bottom line is I voted for someone I respected whom I believe firmly has put the American people first and is looking out for the wellbeing of all Americans.  My vote is not an exercise in futility, if they fail to support him on this critical measure, I hope none of these posturing, preening, empty suits think they can count on my support in the future.   

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