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History books have long told the stories of scores of African slaves who were chained and taken across the Atlantic Ocean by white oppressors. Since then, the stories of these slaves have been the canvas upon which most West Indians have drawn their ancestral portraits. However, what most people tend to forget is that the Caribbean region has a vast history that is tied to other ethnic groups, which had no…

Looking for something to do? Making plans for this week? Are you short on ideas? No Problem. Each week Jamaicans.com Senior Writer Karen Mitchell provides her picks of the top Jamaican/Caribbean things to do in Jamaica and abroad. Now you can plan your week and get out!!!

Beautiful; aggressive; exuberant, talkative; humorous; resourceful; unpredictable – Jamaica brings many adjectives to mind, but boring is not one of them. No other country so young and so small has had such global cultural influence as the land of Marcus G…arvey, Louis Bennett, Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. Jamaica Fi Real provides an in-depth look at Jamaica’s people, history, music, sports, religion and culture, creating a vivid twenty-first century portrait of…

Caribbean leaders got an eloquent telling-off by Sir Shridath Ramphal when he recently gave the Inaugural G. Arthur Brown Lecture hosted by the Bank of Jamaica in celebration of their 50th Anniversary.  Sir Shridath, former Guyana Government Minister, UWI Chancellor and three-term Secretary General of the Commonwealth has spoken on this theme for over three decades, but never before has he captured our collective cowardice so accurately….
Recently the states of Georgia and Alabama have set a new standard in the enforcement of immigration law. On Georgia passed HB 87 i.e., the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011. However, the State of Alabama set a new national standard for get-tough immigration policy.

It’s now history they say.  I asked a few friends what they thought about the recent Jerkfest held in NYC.  Most people who attended said they thought it was more organized and child-oriented than the ones they had attended in the past.  Some who didn’t go asked, “ What’s so different bout dis Jerkfes … there have been so many,”…

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “Home is where the heart is”, however, this saying rings true especially when one has visited away from their domain and the experience leaves them with a new found appreciation for the comforts and solace of their dwelling space. Tags: Granny Story: The Night at Ms….

Profiles of famous Jamaicans and descendants of Jamaicans:Claude McKay, Courtney Andrew Walsh, Donald Quarrie, Donald Bailey, Edna Manley, Edward Baugh, Jimmy Cliff & Jody-Anne Maxwell

During the year leading up to Jamaica’s 50th Independence Day on August 6, 2012, every week we’ll be compiling a list of things celebrating Jamaican foods, music, culture, people and more. We begin with our picks of the Top 50 Ska songs (not in any order). Feel free post your comments with your top Jamaican Ska songs….

This wasTHE YEAR to be at this event. There were so many emotions running deep and lots of politics behind the scene, but I am proud to say that the 49th annual Greater Hartford West Indian Celebration went without a hitch! The parade, food, music, and free concert were enjoyed by all!…

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