George Graham

“News” Channels Have Their Own Agenda

Viewers should pay no attention to the gibberish on America’s so-called news channels. These journalistic aberrations have only one goal: attracting more viewers. They spin everything to create drama or outrage, regardless of the harm their disinformation might do.

A case in point is their “coverage” of the U.S. elections. Anyone who watches CNN, MSNBC or Fox must recognize what they are up to. The election has been a bonanza for these poor relations of American TV. Their ratings are soaring and their ad revenue is way up. Is this a great country or what?

So it would be “disingenuous” (one of their favorite words) to pretend they provide reasonably fair and objective coverage of the most important election in my lifetime. There are vital issues at stake here. The choices voters make will be a matter of life and death. We are talking about war… About people’s sons and daughters being killed and maimed… We are talking about families losing their homes… About children going hungry… About sick people dying and old people rotting in substandard nursing homes…

We are talking about a culture of corruption, the plundering of America’s coffers by the most rapacious gang of political predators ever to get their hands on the reins of power.

And what do the news-channel pundits show us?

Barack Obama bowling (badly), Hillary Clinton spinning yarns, John McCain, with his heiress wife by his side, smiling and assuring the American taxpayers that all is well in Iraq, even though our troops may have to spend “50 or 100 years” there.

We get polemics instead of debate, he-said-she-said programs that provide the two extremes of every issue, with the people involved making predictable defenses of their political interests.

And we get Pastor Wright’s ill-advised tirade over and over and over…

Among the great myths these “newscasters” promote are the “close race” between Clinton and Obama, and the prospect of an equally “close race” between the Democrats and the Republicans in November’s presidential election.

Anyone who can count must realize that both races are a foregone conclusion.

Obama has the delegates, the popular vote and the momentum to win the nomination. Clinton does not.

And in the general elections, the Democrats will sweep just about everything. Democrats have outnumbered Republicans by more than two to one in the primaries so far.

Forget about such bogeymen as race and gender prejudice. Of course they exist. Of course they are a factor. But in this election, it won’t be a matter of voting for the Democrats, it will be a matter of voting against the Republicans.

Americans have been hornswoggled and boondoggled. Their taxes have been squandered in a war that is just an excuse for the in crowd to get even richer. Veterans are sleeping under bridges. Teachers are throwing up their hands in despair. Workers are losing their jobs by the thousands. Gas prices are out of sight. Food prices are rising rapidly.

Forget about those silly polls. Do you know anyone who has ever been polled? I don’t. This will not be just another election; it will be a revolution.

But as long as they can, the television “newscasters” will strive to create the illusion of a close and exciting race with lots of “human interest” and drama – great entertainment that will attract more viewers and inflate their ratings.

No wonder they smile all the time. They must be laughing at us.

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