Next US president…Why I don’t think it will be Hillary


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I was watching “Meet the Press” on NBC  yesterday. They have been featuring presidential candidates the past few weeks. This week it was Mrs. Hillary Clinton. My oldest daughter (12 yrs old) asks me “Daddy, do you think she will be the next president of the US”. This is what I love about children. Their questions are blunt and straight to the point. Before I could answer my middle daughter (8 year old) says. “She looks mean. I think she would be a mean president”.

I answered the question. “No, I don’t think she will be the next president”. She asks me “Why”. I know the answer but I stumped on how to explain it. There is so many factors why I had this opinion.  The main one being she is not the “perfect” woman. It is difficult to explain to my daughters that I don’t believe this country will elect a woman unless she is “flawless” while not killing their confidence as they grew into young ladies? I have 3 daughters. My middle daughter was on to something else but my oldest was waiting on the answer. I will get back to this answer soon or maybe in a later post (lol). What I want to talk about is why my “realist” views on politics offends a few of my friends.

I have many friends who support Obama and Hilary. When I tell them that Obama will not win the nomination I get the look of shock. It is like blasphemy for a black man to say this. Even I go on to explain that we the people don’t vote on the party nominee they still ask the question. “Don’t I think he is good enough?”. I do but Hillary is more popular and even though we have made strides the delegates  will not nominate black candidate.

Then the next question. “If Hillary Clinton gets the nomination will she win the presidency?” I say no. Then I get an even worse look.

First let me explain that I am not a Democrat or Republican. I believe that when you vote you should vote for the person that most represents your views. I don’t want to cause a firestorm here but I don’t believe that because I am black I must automatically be a Democrat. In fact I am insulted by the fact that everyone assumes that. I will discuss this another time.

Why Hillary will not win? In my opinion I don’t think this country is ready for a woman president who is not “perfect”. We can talk about diversity and the strives  women have made but the bottom line is it is just talk. People will say they have no problem voting for a woman or any other minority but when they get in that booth it is a different story.

If any party nominates a woman for the candidacy then she has to be “flawless” to win the presidency. Ms Clinton is also one of the most polarizing figures. There is no gray area when it comes to her. People either love her or hate her. The “sky” is falling on the Republicans but they take a realist look at what it will take to win. Unless something drastic happens the next president will be a Republican….I will get back to the answer to my daughter at a later date…

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