George Graham

No Blogs for the Next Few Days

Sorry, folks. I’m sick in bed with an infected tooth. So I won’t be writing any blogs for the next few days.

There isn’t much to say right now, anyway. If the Republicans persist in refusing to raise the debt ceiling, all bets are off. And if the president makes drastic spending cuts to get their votes, the recession will be back – with a vengeance.

With the prospect of government spending cuts in a jobless economy, and with global corporations obviously in control of the country, there’s not much to look forward to. The global corporations invest overseas so that’s where the jobs of the future will be.

And you can be sure the Republicans will find a way to blame President Obama for the mess they’re causing.

Things look pretty bleak.

I hope I’m wrong. Perhaps this infected tooth is giving me a jaundiced view of things.


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