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No Joe, Don’t Run



I like Joe Biden. Who wouldn’t? He is a likable guy, down-to-earth, compassionate, decent – and smarter than most people seem to think. But I don’t want him to run for US President.

I know what the polls say. His approval ratings are rosy. He stacks up well against those Republican candidates. And he certainly knows the ropes. He has been involved in governing America for a long time.

Right now, America mourns with Joe over his son’s untimely death. He already had more than his share of tragedy – what with the death of his first wife, Neilia, and their 13-month-old daughter Naomi in a car accident. It wasn’t fair for him to lose his cherished son Beau – the son he was so proud of – after all that.

But you know things would change dramatically once he announces his candidacy. And it would be sad to watch all that good will dissipate as the political fray heats up.

Old skeletons would be dragged out of the closet – those plagiarism revelations from the Eighties, for example. And every lovable gaffe he ever made would be held up to ridicule and scorn.

That’s not the only reason he should stay out of this race.

For one thing, there’s enough money being wasted already. Well meaning Domcrats are showering Bernie with their pennies, and Hillary is raking in the loot from the big donors. Between them they collected more than $50 million in the past three months alone.

How I wish that money could still be around for the real contest – the battle to beat the Republican nominee. You know the Democratic candidate is going to need a bottomless pit of cash to compete with the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and those other fat-cat Republican donors.

Instead, the Democrats are using up the available money supply fighting each other.

And to what end? Nothing any of them can say will make me change my vote. I decided long ago that Hillary was my choice. But, of course, I would vote for Bernie next November if he gets the Democratic nomination. Indeed, I would vote for anyone the party nominates.

I’m sure I’m not alone. I bet most Americans know from the start how they plan to vote when the time comes.

If Joe decides to run now, he will muddy the water, waste a lot of money and expose himself to ridicule, hatred and contempt.

And he probably isn’t going to get the nomination anyway.

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