No Matter What Is Going On In My World I Choose Peace

“Choose to abide in perfect peace by letting go of all thoughts that will seek to rob you of it.”
Kymarie McEwan

You might have woken up this morning and the first thing to greet you were the chattering voices in your head all vying for your attention. There are many deadlines to meet, and your thoughts are giving you the illusions that everything must to be doneĀ now!
Your day haven’t even fully started, and already you are experiencing a melt down. Your feelings of anxiety, fear, stress, inadequacies, insecurities and desperation are all a by-product of not being able to stop the chatter taking place in your head.
When you find yourself confronted with the consistent, unproductive mental chatter, the best thing you can do for your sanity is to STOP whatever you are doing in that moment and become aware of what is taking place. Identify the thoughts and acknowledge them. Resist the urge to beat upon yourself for not being in control and be still.
All that needs to be done,must be done in peace and harmony. Make a mental list of all task and prioritize. Eliminate those activities from the list that need to be completed another day and focus on only what needs your attention today. You don’t have to be a super hero, accept help from others and delegate some of your duties if you can. Once you have done all that is humanly possible, allow the peace of God to guide you every step of the way, just for today.
Positive Affirmation: I will allow peace to be my guide. I give myself permission to only do those things that are required of me today.

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  • Remember that he inherited this mess. But once in, we must leave gracefully, or our reputation will be even further wounded.
    We must add Iraq to the list, what would you have us do, ignore our allies in times of problems? How noble would we be? What is to be avoided is invading a country that didn’t do anything to us or our allies.

  • Speaking of fire-did you know our warehouse full of all the voting machines for the city burned last week? In the city where our former Democratic mayor, who is now running for gov. of our state, resides and where he is much admired and will get many votes. They still don’t know the cause but all machines were lost. We are assured there will be no problem in voting. Does make one even more paranoid!!!

  • I am most likely insane Steve, but I want you to know that I am an equal opportunity suspicion monger. After my first thoughts that the evil Republicans must have done this deed then it occurred to me that we Dems never did trust those machines , which we figured were rigged–so who knows what happened to them!!!