Nothing Personal Against President Obama…

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot have a civil discussion about President Obama with my friends & family if I say anything critical of him.  The oil spill in is a prime example. Like many of the people seeing this situation I am disturbed. I know the President and the federal government do not have the physical equipment to clean up this mess. I know this is BP’s responsibility. My criticism however is the communication by the government.  I don’t think this was handled like an emergency. I remember when Katrina hit New Orleans we say the Mayor and federal officials at news conferences daily on the major TV networks. It just does not feel like this is an emergency. I voiced this criticism to friends & family a few times who adamantly defend President and says he can do nothing. Do I dear say because he is the first black president I cannot criticize him. If we can’t constructively criticize our leaders how will they get better?

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