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Now, the Backbiting Begins!

Beleaguered New Jersey Governor Chris Christie isn’t the only one who can expect disloyalty. Already the long knives are out for Hillary Clinton.

This is campaign season, and it’s getting ugly.

I’m not talking about the 2014 campaign. The 2016 presidential race is also underway.

Of course I have no sympathy for Chris Christie. He deserves disloyalty. It took him about 10 seconds to throw his aides under the bus when the traffic jam scandal got close to him, for one thing.

But what has Hillary done?

No, she didn’t kill those four American victims of the Benghazi tragedy. I don’t care what the “bipartisan” Senate committee has to say about it. Of course the Benghazi embassy should have been provided with better security. But it wasn’t Hillary who refused to provide it. Several agencies got tangled in the red tape that bedevils governments and failed to act when they should have.

It was a tragedy. It was preventable. And it makes Hillary look bad because she was in charge of one of the departments involved. But it’s unfair to blame those deaths on her.

Christie (or if you believe in the Easter Bunny, his aides) deliberately shut down traffic on the George Washington bridge to spite the mayor of Fort Lee (or whomever) in a petty political vendetta.

There’s a big difference here. Benghazi was a tragic mistake. The traffic jam was deliberate sabotage.

That won’t stop the Fox News gang from trying to equate the two incidents. It’s the kind of “puss logic” they get paid to concoct.

They are going to come up with every specious argument they can find to smear Hillary during this campaign season. It’s what I expect from them.

What makes me mad is the disloyalty of Democrats like former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, who has launched a smear campaign against the Obama Administration.

Schweitzer is positioning himself as the anti-Hillary candidate in the Democratic presidential primaries. And his strategy includes trashing the President’s legacy.

In a Yahoo News item this morning, Eric Pfeiffer reports:

During an interview with MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin, Schweitzer deferred when asked to name one positive accomplishment by the Obama administration.

“My mother, God rest her soul, told me ‘Brian, if you can’t think of something nice to say about something change the subject,’ ” Schweitzer said.

This man calls himself a Democrat? I call him a liar.

Of course Schweitzer can think of dozens of “positive accomplishments” by the President. Anyone – foe or friend – can. To say otherwise is to lie through his teeth.

Schweitzer obviously thinks he can make political capital out of Progressives’ disenchantment with some of the President’s policies. As a Progressive, I can tell him he is wrong.

It would be stupid of Progressives to damage Hillary’s candidacy.  She might not be everything some Progressives want. But she is obviously preferable to anything the Republicans have to offer. And she is by far the best hope Democrats have of winning the 2016 presidential election. To put it another way, Hillary Clinton is the best hope Progressives have of keeping the Republicans from capturing the White House.

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