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Now Trump is “Evangelical”?



So Evangelical leaders are getting behind Donald Trump, are they? What would Jesus say?

These sanctimonious Bible thumpers who routinely use the Lord’s name to serve Mammon find no fault in the man. They insist he is fit to be leader of the free world.

And their flocks find no contradiction in this alliance. They will show up in church again on Sunday, decked out in their finery, smug in their self-righteousness, convinced that they are serving the Lord.

Who are the “religious leaders” that support Trump? Who are their followers?

What kind of human being chooses to stand with Donald Trump? A liar. A cheat. A hate monger.  An unrepentant and remorseless exploiter of the weak and vulnerable. Altogether a vile creature without a moral to his name.

This is a Christian?

His religious protestations are belied by his behavior. Like everything else about Donald Trump, his claim to “love the Bible” is a con.

And these “religious leaders” are buying it.

And why shouldn’t they? They, too,  are in the game. They, too, are super salesmen, masters of illusion, purveyors of fantasy and exploiters of credulity.

They are the Pharisees and Scribes we were warned against. And Trump is their prophet.

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