George Graham

Nuclear Plants Are Too Hot to Handle

I don’t really think that a nuclear power plant poses much danger of blowing up these days. The world has come a long way since Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. But that doesn’t make nuclear power a viable alternative to fossil fuel electricity.

There’s still a huge problem: disposing of nuclear waste.

The nasty stuff is very dangerous and it just won’t die. It sits there stewing and seething forever, waiting to be let out of its prison like some diabolical genie or those deadly pests in Pandora’s box.

Where would you dispose of nuclear waste? Bury it in the remotest cave or dump it in the deepest ocean, and you might not hear the last of it. Some earthquake or tidal wave might come along and break open the container, letting nuclear poison loose in the environment.

Let’s forget about nuclear power and concentrate on truly clean energy like wind power or solar heat.

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