George Graham

Obama Has to Pay the Grinch’s Ransom

I can understand why President Obama would cave in to the Republicans in the tax cut dispute. He wants to let the Bush tax cuts expire for those lucky American families making more than $250,000 a year, but keep the lower rates for the rest of us. The Republicans – and some Democrats – want to retain the tax break for the richest Americans.

Obama could stand on principle and veto any legislation that extends tax cuts for the rich.

But the Republicans are holding the children of America’s unemployed as hostages. They won’t let Obama extend expired unemployment benefits if they don’t get their way on the tax cuts.

Families will go hungry and children will be toyless if the unemployment checks stop coming this Christmas.

Of course it makes me sad to see the president shake hands with the Grinch like that. But what is he to do? Stand on principle and let poor kids pay the price?

I know I couldn’t do it. Could you?

But how the Republicans can expose themselves like that beats me.

They are using the unemployed to win concessions for the richest of the rich.  And they are thumbing their noses at the deficit they were yelling about a few short weeks ago.

Look, they don’t give a damn about the deficit. They don’t give a damn about the national debt. And, obviously, they don’t give a damn about ordinary Americans.

Their mission is to make the rich richer  Рat whatever cost.

And they don’t give a damn who knows it.

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