George Graham

Obamacare is Not the Real Target

The Tea Party’s all-out attack on Obamacare is a means to an end. Even the dumbest right-winger in Congress knows that the health care reform law is going into effect whether Congress votes to fund it or not. It is the law of the land, and not subject to “defunding” by Congress. But the assault on health care reform serves to create confusion, worry and distress among voters just as the midterm elections are approaching. And that could translate into a negative reaction against the government.

The folks who fund the Tea Party are not wild-eyed revolutionaries intent on purifying the political system; they are cynical billionaires who are using disgruntled yokels to protect their interests – the Koch brothers, for example, whose coal-and-oil empire is threatened by environmental regulations. They have nothing to lose or gain from health care reform, but they see implementation of the new law as an opportunity to create chaos and destabilize the government.

When you look at the way Ted Cruz is carrying on, you might think he missed taking his medication. But in realty, he’s crazy like a fox.

His objective is to mess things up any way he can. If he can get some Americans riled up by standing on his hind legs and braying like a jackass for 21 hours, that’s what he will do.

Of course, the Texas senator knows he won’t stop – or even delay – Obamacare. But he knows his antics will create confusion and sabotage Congress – which is what the Tea Party really wants.

And the fake crusade brings in a torrent of cash. Gullible right wingers are showering anti-Obamacare politicians with their nickels and dimes.

It’s political  strategy at its most cynical level.

The health care battle gives the conservative base something to get excited about. And it will help to get out the anti-Obama vote next November.

So what if the government is shut down in the process? So what if Uncle Sam can’t pay his debts and the country’s economy goes in the tank? The more trouble the Tea Party crowd can cause the better they like it.

The demagogues’ career ambitions benefit from all the publicity they get; the billionaires achieve their goal of blocking progressive legislation that could hurt their business interests; and the Tea Party rank and file get to vent their frustrations and indulge their prejudices.

As for the rest of us, well we can just like it or lump it.

Or we can go to the polls in 2014 and fight back with our ballots.

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