Obama’s children in his church and the black church

For the past few months Obama’s church has been in the news. I agree with the pundits that it was bad judgment to stay in this church for 20 years with this type of message. I am speaking from personal experience where I attended a church that was preaching “bad doctrine” based on biblical truths.

I did not leave immediately because my wife did not see the “bad doctrine”. I could not “bring” myself to go inside the church because of what was being said on the pulpit. I found an excuse each week to either help out with Sunday school or in the church lobby. It took a year before we actually left.

This leads me to my original point of discussion. Each time I hear the pundits discuss his judgment on being in this church for 20 years they mention “How could he subject his children to this?”. This is where I cringe. All large churches have a children’s ministry or children’s church. Why would Obama’s church be any different. These pundits give the impression that he brought his children to this church to be indoctrinated. Chances are these children were never in church for the preaching.

I think this and the reaction of the parishioners the Father Pfleger attack on Hillary shows how little is known about the black church. Yes the people in the church were cheering and “egging” him on. I think to some it was a “stand up” comedy act. This not new in a black church. I have seen it. In fact I vaguely recall a John Hagee sermon where Hillary Clinton was called (or compared to) “Jezebel”. People where cheering. The white church for the most part is a place for spirituality (unless it is charismatic). The Black church is a place of spirituality, entertainment, empowerment and sometimes comedy relief.

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