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Obama’s uphill struggle

In a previous blog, I posited that the chances of Barack Obama being elected president of the United States, was getter weaker by the minute. Since then, Obama hasn’t done much to ease my fears and I can only hope that his campaign is playing a strategic game that will win out in the end.
My reasoning remains the same. The American voter is basically stupid and racist, more the latter than anything else. Stupid because they would rather suffer than see a black man in the white House. Some things don’t change.
But added to this is the mean-spiritedness and cynical ambitions of Hilary Clinton and her husband. The refusal of the Clintons to 110% back Obama shows that they are not beyond spiting the country.
If all democrats don’t rally around Obama, and attract a good percentage of the non-affiliated, several democratic platforms will fall. If McCain wins this election, the republicans will get the chance to stack the Supreme Court their way. Oops, there goes Roe vs Wade.
Just last week, right in front of Obama, HC said at a rally, “For those of you who say that you will vote for McCain, I strongly urge that you don’t”.
Strongly urge that you don’t! Strongly urge! What the frik is that? A more appropriate but still mild reproach would have been, “Are you stupid bitches out of your motherfreaking minds?”. A more potent remedy would to personally bitch-slap each and every one of her renegades.
Since it would have been unthinkable to have Hilary as vp, Obama caved again making her longtime crony, Joe Biden, his 2nd in command. Biden, to bring you up to speed, not all that long ago, asserted that Obama was inexperienced. He is one of the longest serving members of the senate, and, a very good friend of McCain, and they practically share the same wheelchair. Now he claims that he will be Obama’s attack dog. Riiiight!
Hilary now has a spy in the white House (if Obama wins, and a fifth columnist if he doesn’t) and it’s a bet she will be on Biden’s speed dial after every meeting. Perhaps now she will all out back Obama at the convention, but short of publicly doing for him what Monica Lewinsky did for her husband, I won’t believe she is onboard the Obama train.
She wants 2012 desperately and an Obama win will definitely deny her that.
Obama speaks about change, but Biden is totally old school. He is the embodiment of what Obama argues against… the entrenched Washingtonian. Biden is sure to oppose any new direction for America’s foreign policy. That will be death to Obama, but worse, death to this country.
At least however, Obama will be getting some of Clinton’s rabid supporters… but some might not be enough. But this is not a shrewd move but one of desperation forced on him… at a price. For that, he has to humiliate himself at the hands of those shameless opportunists, and there’s likely more for him to pay.
The Clintons should go nowhere without hearing the shouts of ‘racists’ and ‘traitors’ ringing in their ears, from both black and white democrats.
The first week after the Democrats convention will be telling.

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