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Of landmines and time-bombs

Despite the polite welcome extended to the Obamas, I have previously stated that the Bush Banana-republican regime has no real intention to go quietly. Recently, as a guest on “Its your Opinion” on WDJA Jamming 1420am radio, I argued that the regime is leaving time-bombs and landmines in the path of the new administration.

One such landmine was recently tripped with the November 9 New York Times (NYT) ‘expose’ of the banana regime’s policy since 2004, authorising attacks against ‘suspected terrorists’ in countries like Pakistan, Somalia and Syria without permission from these countries. This authority extends to other countries that the United States might not be at war with… and as I will point out later, includes Great Britain.

This mandate gives the military and CIA, authority to dismiss a country’s sovereignty and carry out military and other covert operations that have led to deaths. In truth, these are permissions to carry out mini-invasions.

The current white House claims that these operations are done under the law… but it is really a contempt for the law and the sovereignty of other nations. They like many Americans, think that America is the only jurisdiction that matters.

The timing of this leak, I think, is one of those landmines, hoping to trap president-elect Obama into agreeing to the continuation of these illegal missions, especially as he had already endorsed as much during his debate with John McCain.

Not surprisingly, many of those who commented on the NYT website, supported the policy because it was to ‘protect Americans’. It is hoped that this ‘expose’ will jam Obama into adopting this popular adventurism. After all, he has to prove he’s not a wuss.

The policy is reckless and ultimately stupid as anything contrived and agreed to by George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. Anyone who agrees with it is no less an idiot (on the same NYT site, a majority of ‘foreigners’ opposed the policy along with a handful of Americans).

This type of madness will lead America into another war, and is contrary to the change that Obama is presenting. America needs to understand that it can no longer lead by intimidation. The country is not secure and pissing off more people isn’t going to make it any more secure.

The whole act of ‘might’ is now a useless and mindless sham. America is not the greatest country in the world, and its military power is embarrassed. Granted a wounded elephant is still dangerous, but the strength of America can no longer be built around its arrogant capacity to treat everyone else with disdain.

Unilateral mandates like these quickly become multi-lateral and everyone will be adopting these ‘mini-invasions’ under the cover of American exceptionalism. What then?

What happens when China launches such a mission against Taiwan, or Russia against Poland, using American policy as their own mandate? Arguably, what happens if Cuba conducts a military operation to kill an anti-Castro exile in Miami? Granted in the latter case, there would be an invasion of Cuba, but what military action could be taken in the first two?

Think that this can’t happen? In 1976, Chilean activist Orlando Letelier was assassinated by Pinochet agents, in Washington DC. An American was killed in the attack. In 1978, Bulgarian Georgi Markov and in 2006 Alexander Litvinenko were murdered in London, allegedly on the orders of Moscow. In 1984, there were 3 kidnap attempts on Nigerians, trying to force them back to Nigeria.

I suspect that Obama will shelve this odious policy, because personally it will put him in the same bracket as George Bush, and it will make the world more dangerous.

The other thing these dimwits haven’t taken into consideration, is the accuracy of intelligence and US weaponry. As comedian Grouch Marx once said about his country’s spy services, “Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms”. It hardly ever exists as can be shown in the reams of ‘intelligence’ failures that have dotted America’s recent history.

In the last several weeks, American forces have crossed the Syrian and Pakistani borders to carry out ‘wet work’ (assassinations), but we still can’t be quite sure how many ‘alleged bad guys’ were killed and how many were innocent civilians including children.

This is a quote from the Times article, “On Jan. 7, 2007, an AC-130 struck an isolated fishing village near the Kenyan border, and within hours, American commandos and Ethiopian troops were examining the rubble to determine whether any Qaeda operatives had been killed.” In other words, they were not sure.

In as much, America’s unpopularity in Pakistan has risen tremendously and it will take Obama’s state department much work to undo Bush’s damage.

A long time ago I stated that the only thing that Obama needs to do to be successful, is to turn over the Bush’s banana-republic regime to the Hague for war crimes trials. Unfortunately, that will not happen.

But Obama will surely have this to think of as he continues to negotiate a future teeming with more landmines and time bombs.
While doing some research for this blog, I came upon a December 2007 Sunday Times (London) story stating, “A senior lawyer for the American government has told the Court of Appeal in London that kidnapping foreign citizens is permissible under American law because the US Supreme Court has sanctioned it… The American government has for the first time made it clear in a British court that the law applies to anyone, British or otherwise, suspected of a crime by Washington”.

It should not escape anyone’s attention that Great Britain is America’s ‘best friend’. With friends like these…

Secondly, it speaks of ‘suspected’ of a crime, not found guilty. So by American law the person in this case was still innocent. This is contempt for even for its own laws. The case is of a Stanley Tollman and his wife Beatrice, wanted for bank fraud and tax evasion.
Has anyone noticed the feeding frenzy set off by the bailout money? Remember those videos of black people looting stores and stuff during riots or Katrina? Well, its not blacks who are running with their hands out with the intention of looting the American Treasury. It’s not even poor people.

It’s every rich man and his bitch. The financial institutions, big businesses, auto makers and dealers, boat financiers, American Express, yes freaking American Express who just cut my credit cards (for which I really thank them), insurance companies. It’s like all the $2.00 to $2000.00 whores going after the only rich client in town. Forget the sailors.

These so-called free enterprise defenders couldn’t wait to fall in line for free money. And there’s no taking bets that there will be widespread corruption as these guys push and shove and shout “Me, me me!”. Instead of lining up front, many will ‘pass a money’ to get more money, and with the Bush regime… well, you get my drift.

And you can bet with so many wolves at the door, the trickle down to poor people will be practically negligible. Actually, take out practically.
I forgot to add in my last post that the most important thing for the incoming president is two words, “Jobs, and more jobs”. Will deal with that later.

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