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Oh, Those Scary Labels!


Democratic Party bigwigs are reportedly cowering in fear because the base is turning to “Democratic Socialism.” I wish those old fossils would (as one of my readers might put it) get a grip.

Yes, the Socialist label has been demonized in America. And. yes, some brands of Socialism have failed spectacularly all over the world. I’m sure my Jamaican readers remember the well meaning Manleys, Norman and Michael, and the mess they made of our island’s economy.

But I’m sure the Democratic Socialists in today’s America don’t subscribe to the failed economic theories of yesteryear. They would certainly shudder at the thought of Uncle Sam seizing General Motors, for example.

I am sympathetic to Democratic Socialism.  It works in Canada. It works in Sweden. It works in Holland. It works in Norway…

It works wherever it’s employed with simple common sense.

I’m sure the young Americans who call themselves Democratic Socialists don’t believe in government land grabs or giving control of private industry to a bunch of bumbling bureaucrats.

They would cringe at the random dumping of dollars into the American economy in the mystical belief that this would somehow generate more than enough wealth to pay the government back.

(It’s the same kind of thinking that makes Republicans slash taxes for the rich, believing it will magically generate widespread economic growth benefiting everybody.)

What today’s “Democratic Socialists” want is just a fair deal.

They want better – and safer – schools, good roads and bridges, less poverty, affordable health care, a living wage, help with college tuition, a secure old age… day-to-day stuff like that.

And they want an end to the blatant plundering of the economy by a pampered elite. That has become too obvious to ignore.

We common folks are sick of being splashed by muddy water from the tires of those Ferraris and Lamborghinis roaring by as we walk through the rain to our jobs at McDonald’s and Burger King.

I just wish the folks in charge of the Democratic Party would grow a spine. I just wish they would ignore those scary labels and focus on the bread-and-butter issues of the day.

If the Democrats want our votes, they should talk about employment and education, health care and law enforcement…

We the people want a living wage and good, safe schools. We want good roads, safe bridges, buses and trains that run on time…

And we would like free – or genuinely affordable – health care. And possibly free college tuition. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Also, we would like you fat cats who’re running things to stop spouting nonsense as if you think we the people are all dumb – and blind.

We know you’re lining your pockets and those of your pals. We know you’re feathering your nests and living the good life at our expense.

But could you spare a few crumbs for those of us on the outside looking in?

How about healthcare for starters? We’re dying out here.

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