On the 10th. day of Christmas, a Jamaican gave to me…

A Caring Community

The continued global economy misery is a force that is shredding the bond of neighborliness in ever increasing ways. Countries are becoming more nationalistic and cooperation across nation boundaries is receding.

Well on the 10th. Day of Christmas, the gift being shared is the value of global good neighborliness.

My life goal is to practice in a contemporary fashion the parable of the Good Samaritan. When asked by a lawyer to explain who his neighbor was, Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan. The Samaritan was a good neighbor because he had compassion and was able to cross culture and religious boundaries to help someone who was obviously hurting and in need of support.

In a world made increasingly smaller by technology and rapid transit, the globe has become just a big neighborhood. I have had the distinct privilege to travel this neighborhood and be a part of a caring community, Maranatha Volunteers International.

During the past year, I have been in many countries. Let me share some pictures to give a slice of life that I enjoy.

Christina Lloyd , videographer. This job can have it's adventure. Hope that trainer has her back.

I survived and was able to share the moment with kids in Zambia

Haiti one of Jamaica’s closest neighbors has suffered immensely in 2010. Last January, the fragile ground of Haiti was violently shaken, and it is still reeling from the enormous devastation. Maranatha has developed some building technology that allows the implementation of solid structures very quickly! Click for more detail on the technology.

Maranatha buildings are functioning in Haiti

Out of fear, many parents will not permit their children to study in classrooms with concrete roofs. The light steel frame and roof of the One-Day School are the perfect answer to Haiti’s need for classrooms. Maranatha is building One-Day Schools in Haiti and currently 5,000 students are learning in classrooms built by Maranatha.

An outside view of the one day school

Inside the one day school learning center

During the holiday season, most kids are primed to get caught up in the hoopla of the commercial world. We however need to develop the habit of giving, giving to a homeless shelter, a children’s center, giving beyond themselves. One of the habit I remember practicing at Christmastime is giving away a toy, and participating in a community support event.

If you have not developed a holiday tradition of giving globally, here is an opportunity right in our backyard. The continued need in Haiti offers a great opportunity to make a life changing gift this Christmas. A wide range of possibilities exist for you to be involved.
$75- buys a “share” of One-Day School” stock”
 $7,500 builds a completely furnished classroom – for a limited time matching funds have been provided to bring the cost to $5,000.
 $100,000 builds a complete campus

At Christmas time the wise men provide great modeling on widening our thought of the neighborhood and investing in life changing ways. We can follow this model and share our blessings with others. Go to Maranatha online and begin a great Christmas tradition.
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