On the 4th. day of Christmas, a Jamaican gave to me

The Journey of Hope

One of the wonderful things of the Holiday Season is that it leads us to reflect on what the past year has brought us and how we have responded to it. The Holiday Season brings us the message of Renewal and Hope. This season also provides us with the opportunity to Give Thanks in all things; for what we have and what is possible in the future. The Holiday Season is about Love, about what is good in the world. It is about the possibilities and opportunities which are present in the best of mankind.

A Symbol of Hope & its Friends

In all the confusion, with all the bustle and activity of our times, it is good to remember the importance of a moment of quiet, of reflection, of the kind of thought that keeps us balanced. This is a time of reflection and contemplation. The message of the holiday season beckons us always to listen to our inner conscience.

May this good season of the year provide us with opportunities to sit still, to share in the sense of being thankful, to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and to take time for restoration. May we have the chance to set the rigors of our time aside for just a while to celebrate our own uniqueness as a human being and a child of God.

What a Gift!

May that Light and Love which shines brightest when all else is dark and quiet, illuminate your life during this season of Thanksgiving and Spiritual Uplift.

Gift Giver, Mr. Victor Cummings, JD

Mr. Cummings is a consultant.
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