On the 9th. day of Christmas a Jamaican gives to you Heart-warming for Your Soul

The  grip of old man winter has begun to tighten his icy noose around the souls of those who are tropic-centric.

The symptoms are rapidly blanketing the Northern hemisphere.

During the blizzard on the US East coast the week before Christmas, I received requests to showcase  the gift of warmth. I received explicit hints such as   pictures of   beach scenes.  Some desires have  become more stark.  Folks are commemorating going from the “oven to the freezer”!


It would be easy if we could just be whisked away to our favorite paradise  spot.  But for a variety of reasons, we may not have that option.

Is there any relief for the tropical soul?


A few years back during the bleakness of winter, I ran across a magazine that filled my heart with a great serving of home. This magazine is :

I know it’s salivatingly savoring and low cal to boot, but stop licking the picture!

Seriously, like a skilled anthropologist,   editor Grace Cameron scours the globe to capture the rhythm of soulful living  of people of the Caribbean, and share her findings with a warm vibrancy.


Grace Cameron, Editor of JamaicanEats

JamaicanEats website


In this her latest edition she serves up a sumptuous meal that will take away the winter blues of even the Eskimos.

Her umbrella theme is Cool stories, hot recipes.

Some of the stories covered are:

  • A feature story of Blue Mountain coffee
  • The second coming of Jamaica’s bobsled Olympic team
  • She got he inside story of the chef that fed our glorious athletes that blazed into the history books of Berlin.
  • A sizzling bowl of pepper pot soup
  • and much more


Want to feel your soul with the warmth of the Island, you are only a few clicks away!



When you can’t get away, let JamaicanEats take you away!

About the author


I am an entrepreneur whose focus is on helping small businesses deploy internet marketing tools to leverage new customers and profits. I believe in the survival of the knitted, and thus champion those who are making a difference in our community.