On the first day of Christmas a Jamaican gave to me..

The gift of wholeness

The Gift of Wholeness

Good health is a gift from God which many of us take for granted. Many of us treat our cars better than we treat our health. If we have a brand new Bentley/BMW/Mercedes, etc., we are always careful to put the best grade oil and gas in it and we never miss an appointment for routine maintenance check. We do this to make sure that the engine performs at its optimum capability. Yet we fail to take the same care with our health.

The human body is the finest specimen of any machine ever made; we are created by the Supreme Engineer. We have specific instruction on how to best care for our body so that we can enjoy good health and thus a better quality of life. We continue to feed our bodies with the wrong fuel, we fail to exercise and have routine maintenance check up with our physicians, only going when the machine (our body) is broken down; many times that is too late so much damage has been done that mere humans cannot repair our health. We then must turn to our creator, the master physician, only he can give us that special gift, the gift of good health. It is he who endows humankind with the knowledge of how his masterpiece works and how to repair it after it’s been abused and misused. Our health equals life but many of us take our health for granted, good health is the gift of life, let us be careful not to abuse it.

Mr. Sheldon Ellis shared this gift. He is an attorney practicing in Silver Spring , Maryland

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