On the Tenth Day of Christmas…

On the tenth day of Christmas, an extra ordinary Jamaican gave to me:

The bigheartedness of Generosity.


Generosity is the voluntary and consistent giving of one’s time and resources to help others.  When I share my time and resources with others I feel I am accomplishing my purpose in life.  It is not an inherent trait; it is a learned trait, a pattern of behavior that is nurtured in the personality and is demonstrated in various ways of giving to others.

A child is born selfish, all for himself. He has to be taught by his parents and others to be kind and loving to others, including his younger brothers and sisters.

I am fortunate to have grown up in the presence of a Grandmother who was a very kind and loving person and who was always reaching out to help others in the community, she taught me to be kind and loving to other people and in her own words,“God will bless you my son.”

I can truly say that giving to others is psychologically and spiritually rewarding to the giver.

The world would be a much better place if there were more voluntary givers.


Professor Donald Morgan

President of Jamaica Volunteers Association INC.

based in Washington DC

A charitable, non-profit, tax-exempt organization

Providing generosity for 25 years and counting


How will you continue to build the legacy of volunteering in Jamaica?

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I am an entrepreneur whose focus is on helping small businesses deploy internet marketing tools to leverage new customers and profits. I believe in the survival of the knitted, and thus champion those who are making a difference in our community.