On This Day In Jamaican History: Dr. Olive Lewin OD

Dr. Olive Lewin O.D.

Dr. Olive Lewin O.D.

On This Day In Jamaican History:  On September 28th, 1927 Jamaican author, social anthropologist, musicologist, and teacher Dr. Olive Lewin OD in Vere was born in Clarendon, Jamaica.  She is probably best known for her recorded anthologies of old Jamaica folk songs, researched and collected over her lifetime. Lewin was the author of several books and has made numerous recordings of folk music, performed by the Jamaican Folk Singers. She was honoured by the Government of Jamaica, the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the Government of France and by academia for her outstanding lifelong contribution to the arts. In 2001 she was awarded the Jamaican Order of Distinction. She passed away on April 2013.

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