On this day in Jamaican history: Gregory Isaacs

On this day in Jamaican history:  On July 15, 1951 reggae singer Gregory Isaacs was born in  Kingston, Jamaica.  He began his recording career in the late 1960s and was known for many hits, including the ever-popular 1980’s “Night Nurse” and “Hush Darling.” –

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  • I love the way you’re breaking my heart! Your words are, as usual, interesting, thoughtful, clear and honest.I hope this bill turns out to be better than we may think now. But, as you say in your headline, my heart sinks.

  • small steps, small steps I keep telling myself-better than nothing I suppose.
    Thanks for trying to make sense of it all George, certainly the rest of us can’t.

  • we have a senate in Canada as well and they are ,in my never to be humble opinion,just as useless.Just when I was thinking poor Tiger had problems,you had to bring up the health care mess in the good old USA. Looks like everthing is relative after all. I guess all we can do is “lean not on our own understanding” and trust in the Lord. Amen? Billy G.