Once in a while we need a few of these feel good stories

Reading the Jamaican newspaper the past few weeks have been little depressing. Apart from Bolt’s world record, the Jamaican entrant in the spelling B, the Penn Relays and the Reggae Boyz there has not been alot of “feel good stories”. This story on a student who did very well in her GSAT is

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  • Hasn’t advertising and “Madison Avenue” always fed the US public make-believe stuff? There was no value in The Dick Van Dyke Show or the “Dallas” series on TV either. But they generate(d) traffic and time-spent, and advertisers are willing to pay the highest bid for it. That aside, I will comment on the product: Facebook is a glorified chat room and more fad than technological advance. Google has real-world utility, as does Amazon.

  • Seems to me that we are heading back to the days of the Aristocrats. The corporations and super rich have taken their place, driving by as the common people doff their caps and bow and curtsy. The middle class are heading for oblivion. Too bad. Billy G.