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Onward Donder, onward Blitzen

rebirth of civilisation

Well, this is the last day of 2008. Goodbye, good riddance, ciao, auf wiedersehen, vaarwel, au revoir, adios.

Not many will look back on this year with longing, except for a few vultures of course, what with the field being littered with dead and dying.

The best thing to happen was the realisation that Geore Bush will only be with us as ‘der fuhrer’ for only a few more days. The ‘flying shoes’ is my most memorable image because it symbolizes what the world thinks of him. The election of Barack Obama ranks second, though not close.

Bush’s legacy will last beyond a lifetime, beyond the lifetime of our children and grandchildren, what with the depth of the destruction he has wrought on this planet. The only thing that would slightly appease me would be his and the foremost members of his cabinet being indicted for war crimes and other crimes against humanity.

Don’t take me to be a bitter person, for this is not in the least bitterness. Just a recognition that too many people will be involved in papering over his history and he as well as others will be attempting to rewrite history. People who are too willing to say, that’s behind us now. It isn’t.

Me, I just want it to be clear to readers that Bush’s malfeasance should not be forgotten or forgiven, in the same way that Hitler’s governance has not been forgotten or forgiven.

And before anyone seeks to take me on regarding this ‘twinning’, the difference between both is just a matter of degrees.

But the future lies ahead of us, and where Barack Obama is concerned, I urge people not to have unrealistic expectations. Much of our destiny lies in our own hands.

For the last few weeks I have slowed down appreciably on this blog. This represents just plain tiredness on my part. For the next few weeks, the blog will be a little intermittent (computer issues being another reason). I will of course not be able to explore as freely on a whole raft of issues including the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, Bernard, Madoff, the bailout, Jamaica and other worldwide issues.

I will however be substituting some of my artwork in the interim, rotating them with some frequency. Please look at them and feel free to comment. My Art like my blog, is for the public consumption… feel free to tell others about this blogsite.

My communication in this form has been both a duty and a pleasure and I thank all those who took the time to visit and to comment. Negative comments or not, all appreciated. The dialogue continues.

I am inviting readers to submit what their wish list, personal and global, for Obama is. What they think he should tackle first, and how he should tackle them. In addition, I am inviting comments as to Jamaica… what their wish list is and how problems should be tackled. I will submit the most interesting for publication on this site.


Onward Donder, onward Blitzen, and Prancer and Vixen. Ho Ho Ho. Happy New Year, 2009.


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