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Trump and the Mob. Again.




I keep seeing the sinister shadow of organized crime behind Donald Trump’s candidacy. So many of his surrogates have links to the mob. And his business associates include mob-linked oligarchs in Russia and the Ukraine.

And, of course, there’s his validated association with mobsters in his New York real estate developments and his casino deals.

Now, in Phoenix, Arizona, a newspaper that endorsed Hillary is being threatened by thugs.

don_bollesIf you’re old enough, you might remember Don Bolles (photo at right). He was an investigative reporter at the Arizona Republic who was murdered by criminals. Some thug taped six sticks of dynamite to the bottom of his car. The Mafia is suspected of ordering the hit.

That was 40 years ago.

This year, the Republic broke with 125 years of Republican endorsements and came out for Hillary Clinton.

Threats came pouring in.

parrish-2According to the Republic’s president Mi-Ai Parrish (at right), quoted in Yahoo News this morning:

One person threatened the lives of the paper’s journalists by suggesting they might die in a car bomb like Republic reporter Don Bolles had 40 years ago.

Others said they wanted the Republic to be shut down or burned down, or that that they wished it would cease operations under a new president. Some critics spit on or bullied young people selling subscriptions door-to-door. “Hacks,” “losers” and “un-American” were other insults hurled at the paper for not endorsing Trump.

Don’t you wonder who that “one person” is? The one who remembers Don Bolles after all this time, the one who threatens to do the same thing to the newspaper’s reporters now? I do.

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