George Graham

Our Citizenship at Risk


I don’t think Ted Cruz (top photo) could ever become President. Not with that face. He reminds me of Mephistopheles (lower photo). And I don’t see a lot of Americans voting for someone who looks like a devil.

But even as a senator, he is a threat to America.

As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, this Canadian-born son of a Cuban expatriate is trying to put Americans’ citizenship in danger. In cahoots with that right-wing zealot, Congressman Steve King, Cruz has concocted legislation that would empower the government to revoke our citizenship at will.

No trial. No conviction. No due process. All that is required is the mere allegation that the American citizen has been palling around with terrorists.

The diabolical duo argue that the government needs this kind of dangerous power to fight terrorism.

But the authorities already have wide powers enabling them to arrest and convict suspected terrorists. And to strip them of their US citizenship if the charges against them are proven in court.

Indeed, under current law, convicted terrorists can even be executed.

This proposed legislation is nothing more than a barefaced bid to compromise the rights of law abiding citizens who might not subscribe to the extreme religious and political beliefs of zealots like Cruz and King.

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