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You know you want to save the world, so here’s your chance. Don’t let a climate change denying Republican win the White House.

Not one of the surviving Republican presidential candidates is a moderate. Not John Kasich, who is the most reasonable of the pack. He is as far right as you can get without being a complete wing nut.

Not Ted Cruz, that’s for sure. Cruz is like an Evangelical ayatollah, who would plunge the nation into a medieval theocracy. He evokes shades of the Inquisition, Bloody Mary and Oliver Cromwell.

And nobody in their right mind would use the word moderate in the same sentence as Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush or Donald Trump.

The display of shameless bigotry, jingoism and vulgarity in the Republican presidential primaries is not just disgusting. It’s frightening.

If any one of these  far-right ideologues and demagogues becomes President, America will be in grave danger. Not just from the endless war they promise. Not just from the neglect of the poor, the old and the sick. Not just from the enabling of Wall Street looters, the blight of gun violence, the denial of civil rights and the oppression of minorities.

What’s also at stake is the survival of our planet. Republicans scoff at scientific evidence showing how man made pollution is affecting climates and ravaging the earth.

The US Supreme Court is already biased against environmental safeguards. The five conservatives showed their bias on Tuesday, stalling implementation of President Obama’s plan to address climate change.

Not one Republican candidate supports common sense programs to protect the environment. Even Kasich, who comes closest to accepting scientific reality, is on record as saying:

We don’t want to destroy people’s jobs, based on some theory that is not proven.

With a climate change denier in the White House, you can imagine what future Supreme Court justices would be like. And three vacancies will likely have to be filled by the next president.

As a responsible American, you cannot let the Supreme Court get skewed farther to the right. You don’t want to contribute to the overwhelming horror that will surely come if we abandon our planet to the looters and polluters, do you?

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