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Our Interview with Jamaican Destination Wedding Photographer Marcia E. Roberts

Marcia  E. RobertsOver the years I have for the most part worked with male destination wedding vendors in Jamaica and then I had the pleasure of working with my first wedding female photographer a few years ago and thus I thought it only fitting that my first interview for the blog would be with Marcia Roberts of Marcia E Roberts Photography.

She has rose above the challenges of breaking into a male dominated wedding industry in Jamaica and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has what it takes to be called one of the destination wedding photographers in Jamaica you need to pay attention to.

In talking to Marcia its crystal clear that family and her children are very important to her. Marcia has a very warm personality that absolutely draws you in and makes you want to pay attention to what she is saying. She says she is shy and maybe because of that her humility can do attitude and creativity it makes us want to work with her over and over again. photo (7).jpg

I had the pleasure of sitting with her recently in her new photo studio located at Shop 8, Orchid Village Plaza in Kingston and I would love to share some of her thoughts and views with you.

Please see below my conversation with her:

Helen G: Marcia what inspires you to do what you do?

Marcia: My inspiration comes from people!! I’m intrigued by the complexity and simplicity of people. The merging of two individuals, taking the biggest step in their lives. It’s an honor and a very special job to capture the day without losing the story. My journalistic style,defines my photography. My artistic eye compliments my work.

Helen G:Who or what motivated you to start your business?

Marcia:Who motivated me? True story… I’m one of two sisters; my mom would take pictures of us a lot. I thought if I stood behind the camera I would not be the subject and it has worked ever since.People and my children motivate me with their different personalities. I bottle it and capture it with my lens. I was very good at writing compositions; my style pretty much mirrors my writing.
Helen G: Other than the money what types of satisfaction do you get out of your work?

Marcia: I’m never motivated by money…Never. I’m motivated by good weather for shooting-anything, (that make me smile, I love wild flowers by the wayside…rundown rustic buildings, clouds, kids, genuine people, the ability to make something out of nothing.

Helen G: What motivates you on a day to day basis?

Marcia: I was motivated to start because I saw where photographs were being taken with no connection to the event, no documentation or themes just pictures and I want to make that connection every single shoot.

Helen G: Do you have any hobbies?

Marcia:My hobbies are Reading, and writing. If I weren’t a photographer I would be a journalist.

Helen G: Seven days, six nights, all expense paid, my vacation destination is…

Marcia:Hmmm these days Connecticut to spend some time with my first grandchild Kaylee. I’m a lover of Manhattan love love Manhattan love the fast pace and vibrancy, the yellow cabs and tall buildings. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I have my Camera in Manhattan.

Helen G: My favorite guilty pleasure is…

Marcia: Sweets, cakes, chocolates, photography :-)

Helen G: My favorite Jamaican food is…

Marcia: Red peas soup, Lobster, shrimps

Helen G: My all time fave or dream location in Jamaica to shoot at is………

Marcia: Negril- endless, creativity and inspirations natural settings

Helen G: If you could give one important tip or advise to any prospective female photographer what would it be?

Marcia: Allow your heart to guide you. Train your eyes to see.  Don’t be guided by anyone’s work. Find who you are and own it. Above all enjoy what you do and you will never have to work a day in your life !!

Please see below some pictures from Marcia’s portfolio. You can also visit her website at www.jamaicanphotography.com

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photo (5)photo (6)


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