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You all know I don’t have much love for pilots. There are a select handful that I will talk to at my airline, but pilots generally have an “I am God” attitude that I, and other flight attendants, do not care for. Pilots don’t have as much face time with passengers as we do, however, this doesn’t stop a crazy remark or two from getting to them.

Captain G’s story

On a flight from New York to Buffalo, Captain G had to circle around Niagara Falls for a few minutes because of aircraft spacing. When the plane landed and the passengers were deplaning a woman commented;

“We circled Buffalo so many times I thought we were gonna flip!”

Captain G looked confused and mouthed, “What the f*%@?” to me behind her back.

Overheard on the Plane continues!

During boarding in Puerto Rico there was some heavy mist due to the condensation. If you remember your third grade Science class, then you know that when cold air mixes with warm air you get a smoke-like effect. An older hippie man boards, looks up at the mist and says:

“Is there anything worth inhaling in that smoke?”

Diana: “I wish.”

Hippie Dude (shaking his head) “Shame.”


During service I was taking drink orders.

Diana: “What can I get you to drink?”

Man: “Soda.”

Diana: “What kind of soda?”

Man:(shrugs, purses lips) “Red.”

Diana (laughing) “I didn’t ask you if you wanted Kool Aid.”

Man: (laughing) “A Coke please.”

Y’all knew that one of Kool Aid’s flavor is Red right? Not cherry, not strawberry. Red.

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