Who is the Real Enemy?



When White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders refuses to walk back Trump’s rant that the press is “the enemy of the people,” warning bells should be ringing across the land.

Thomas Jefferson observed that:

When the speech condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a a tyrant.

Attacking the independent media is a tactic employed by dictators throughout history. They recognize that a free press is essential to democracy.

State controlled media is necessary to sustain the kind of cult that Trump has created.

As this wild-eyed demagogue foments hate and divisiveness apparently to cover his looting and lawlessness, he is surreptitiously fanning the flames that could destroy democracy.

This cannot be taken lightly.

Jefferson also said that to protect the freedom of the press:

Every spirit should be ready to devote itself to martyrdom.

Are we the people ready to accept martyrdom for a free press?  Are we prepared to die for our democracy?

Fortunately, that question does not have to be answered – yet.

November’s midterms could be our last chance to head off tyranny by peaceful means. This is one election that we cannot in conscience ignore.

Unless Trump’s captive Congress is purged, his march toward absolute power will be irresistible without martyrdom.

Huckabee and the press

March toward tyranny


Fascism Next Door


The hate filled attack on “the media” by my Tampa Bay neighbors yesterday leaves me stunned and dismayed.

I cringed as I watched a video of the pro-Trump crowd heckling CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Faces I might encounter in Publix, as we exchange polite smiles and “excuse me’s,” are contorted in rage.

Folks who might stop to help me unload my grocery cart are waving middle-finger salutes at the camera.

Otherwise civilized citizens are wearing shirts with obscenities emblazoned across them and shouting words that would make them wash their kids’ mouths out with soap.

Are these the same people who go to church on Sunday mornings, people who kneel before God and promise to love their neighbor?

What’s happening to them? It’s as if they were possessed by demons.

This is the kind of diabolical power demagogues like Trump can wield.

It’s the same  evil force that fueled the rise of demagogues like Hitler and Mussolini.

It’s the power of the Big Lie, the demonizing of minorities, the discrediting of the media, the distortion of reality…

And it’s how the flame of fascism is ignited.

I sit in my den here on Post Lane, 30 miles or so away from the raw display of hate in that video. And I wonder what’s happening to America? What’s next?

That hate filled Trump rally

Trump’s anti-media crusade


A Day in the Age of Trump



No interruption so far in access to the blog site, so I’ll keep blogging until I hear something more from Xavier…

It’s another day in Trumpistan…

The Trump faithful may be taking comfort from Rudy Giuliani’s  rambling interview on TV yesterday, but the rest of us are left wondering what that was all about.

And we’re bemused by Trump’s threat to shut down the government if he doesn’t get his wall.

Haven’t we seen this movie before?

Meanwhile, the Koch brother (there’s only one in public life now, the other one has called it quits) is threatening to defy the American oligarch. According to reports,Koch might back selected Democrats in the midterm elections.

And he has a war chest of $400 million.

Trump responded by calling Koch “a joke,” (but he failed to recognize the farcical nature of his favorite lawyer’s latest TV performance).

Accused money launderer (etc., etc., etc.) Paul Manafort goes to court today to face the prospect of 100 years or so in prison.

That’s the same Paul Manafort who managed Trump’s campaign at one point.

You think he might turn state’s evidence and rat on Trump?

Manafort was waist deep in Russian rubles, according to the prosecution. Did Russian hackers collude with trump through Manafort?

But not to worry, says Giuliani, Manafort has nothing on Trump. And anyway, collusion is not a crime.

Of course conspiracy to commit a crime is against the law, but in Giuliani’s legal opinion it’s OK if you call it collusion.

What about Michael Cohen? Doesn’t he have something on Trump? After all, he was Trump’s lawyer and “fixer” for years.

But Giuliani has that covered, too. Cohen is a well known liar, he argues. Who’s going to believe him?

So who are we to believe? Trump?

I know, it all sounds crazy. But it’s politics as usual in the Age if Trump.

So many questions. So few answers.

Will the remaining Koch brother really turn on Trump’s Republicans?

Will Trump shut down the government? Will Congress cave and fund his wall?

Will Mueller ever issue his report? Will the report unveil an intricate web of money laundering, racketeering and collusion with an enemy of the US?

Will Trump be at the center of that web?

And will the American people believe Mueller? Or will they accept Trump’s explanation that it’s all a witch hunt inspired by the deep state, the mainstream media and various other enemies of the people?

Who knows? As Giuliani said yesterday, nobody can be sure of anything.

Giuliani’s TV rant

Trump’s shut-down threat

Manafort’s trial

Koch’s philosophy


A Hiatus and a Warning.


If you don’t see any blogs in the next few days, don’t worry. Trump’s minions have not come for me. Webmaster Xavier is making improvements.

Here’s the email I got this morning:

They started work on the blog consolidation; however they are not done. It is taking a little longer than expected. I am traveling tomorrow for a family vacation for a week. I will have limited access but will check email where I can. I told them to make your blog a priority.

You will have a new login and password once it is set up. You will also login to a new area. I am going to ask that the information is sent to you in case I am unavailable. It will probably be an email with the title “WordPress Registration”.

It looks as if this old dog is going to have to learn some new tricks. I might never be able to figure it all out. Cyber literacy is not my strong suit.

So just in case you never hear from me again, I’ll leave you with these parting words:

Ignore the BS, especially the (mostly fake) comments you will be seeing on social media. Ignore everything politicians say or are quoted as saying. Ignore the news – real or fake. Ignore the  jabberwocky your Republican friends will be spewing.

When you go to the polls in November, fill in the oval next to any name with a “D” next to it.

How simple is that?

If you fail to follow my advice, you will deserve the shame and guilt that will surely ensue as America crumbles into a failed Third World dictatorship and Americans are enslaved by Putin and his mob

The Russian kleptocrat might even invade Alaska, and then who knows what’s next, Canada?

Do you want to be responsible for that?  I didn’t think so.

Putin’s master plan

Putin on Alaska invasion

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Strong Man Never Wrong?


Growing up in Jamaica, I often heard the saying, “Strong man never wrong.” It was a reflection of the society of the times.

Jamaica was a colony in which white colonists and British civil servants called the shots. The black majority had no say. They were expected to do as they were told, treat “their betters” with respect and keep their complaints to themselves.

I recall with distaste autocratic civil servants who ran the government, arrogant bullies who owned the plantations, rapacious merchants who dominated the economy and prejudiced bankers who preferentially served the “ruling class” without pretense or shame.

Even the law enforcement and criminal justice systems tended to favor the colonial “upper crust.”

Not everyone in the colonial class “took advantage,” of course. There were well meaning public servants, benevolent “property” owners and honest merchants and bankers.

But the advantage was there to be taken.

This type of oppression could not continue. Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley emerged to challenge the status quo. There were strikes and riots. The British overlords finally yielded to the pressure, and Jamaica won its independence.

With independence came democracy. And I am sure – with all its shortcomings – their democracy is precious to Jamaicans today.

So you can imagine my horror when I realize that many Americans do not value democracy. They are apparently hankering for a “strong man” society like the one Jamaicans rejected.

They want a boss like the one on the Apprentice TV show, a tyrannical bully who delights in firing underlings.

And I wonder,if they really know what they’re yearning for.

In America, they say, “Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.”

And as a Jamaican transplanted to America, I say, “Amen!”

US democracy under fire


In a Strange Land


As Trump’s apparatchiks sort through citizenship applications from long, long ago, apparently threatening to revoke my right to live in America, my desire to stay grows ever less fervent.

I hardly recognize America today.

In Central Florida, where I live, a man was just gunned down in a fight over a handicapped parking space, and I understand no charges can be filed against his killer.

A recently passed “stand your ground” law supposedly gives the shooter the right to kill anyone who “puts him in fear.”

Do I have to tell you that a black man would put most white Americans in fear if they met by chance on some lonely road on a dark night?

In North Carolina, where my brother Peter and Sandra’s brother David both live, a state House candidate named Russell Walker proclaimed that God is a racist and a white supremacist. He adds that all Jews are descended from Satan.

Yes, he’s a Republican. What else could he be?

In Congress, an immigration “reform” bill would partially close the door on Hispanics and other non-whites and encourage more immigrants from countries like Norway.

In our nation’s capital, a “white civil rights rally” is to be held a couple of weekends from now. Those poor, oppressed white folks! Doesn’t your heart just bleed for them?

I could go on and on. These are not isolated aberrations. They are signs of the times.

With Trump’s approval rating holding strong and soaring among white males., there’s a race revolution brewing in America – an “Anglo-Saxon” uprising.

I  seem to sense it in my neighborhood.

I used to walk along Post Lane and stop to chat with Marvin and Sandy, Larry and Mona and my other neighbors, all of whom happen to be white.

When Marge’s husband John passed away, Sandra and I went to his funeral.

Ricky, across the street, used to visit now and then. Sandra had him and his grandmother over for dinner.

Linda, whose lot backs on to ours, also came for dinner and invited Sandra for tea with another neighbor Ann.

But I haven’t heard from any of the neighbors in weeks. Does that signify anything?

I don’t mind anyway. I probably don’t have any pleasantries to share with them today. I suspect they’re all Republicans.

The “stand your ground” case

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In a Phantasmagoria

Dave Granlund / politicalcartoons.com


What are we to think when “evangelicals” find common ground with America’s libertine president?

How are we to make sense of a world in which the self-righteous Southern Baptists rally behind a blackguard like Trump?

I can vividly recall the Baptists of my youth. Cards and dice are the Devil’s device, they preached. They abjured such evils as dancing, and scolded women who wore “short” skirts,and “defiled”  their faces with lipstick and rouge.

How can these same people link arms with a groper, a serial adulterer, a gambler, a liar and a hustler – in sum a shameless and unrepentant prodigal.

Of course I know that politics makes strange bedfellows.But, even so, the Age of Trump leaves me scratching my head.

I am dismayed, for example,when “libertarians” Rand Paul and Mike Lee cozy up to this autocrat who is transparently campaigning to be America’s dictator.

I am confused as “tax hawks” apparently approve his giveaways to the rich.  I am bemused as “deficit hawks” silently accept his soaring trillion-dollar deficit.

And I conclude that words no longer mean anything, that labels are merely cosmetic, that everything I see and hear is part of a dazzling pantomime, designed to mystify and mislead.

So what does “democracy” mean in the Age of Trump? Or “liberty” ? Or “justice”?

Step right up ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed! Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!

Or could this really be a freak show?

Strange bedfellows

Evangelicals for Trump

More on Southern Baptists


Oh, Those Scary Labels!


Democratic Party bigwigs are reportedly cowering in fear because the base is turning to “Democratic Socialism.” I wish those old fossils would (as one of my readers might put it) get a grip.

Yes, the Socialist label has been demonized in America. And. yes, some brands of Socialism have failed spectacularly all over the world. I’m sure my Jamaican readers remember the well meaning Manleys, Norman and Michael, and the mess they made of our island’s economy.

But I’m sure the Democratic Socialists in today’s America don’t subscribe to the failed economic theories of yesteryear. They would certainly shudder at the thought of Uncle Sam seizing General Motors, for example.

I am sympathetic to Democratic Socialism.  It works in Canada. It works in Sweden. It works in Holland. It works in Norway…

It works wherever it’s employed with simple common sense.

I’m sure the young Americans who call themselves Democratic Socialists don’t believe in government land grabs or giving control of private industry to a bunch of bumbling bureaucrats.

They would cringe at the random dumping of dollars into the American economy in the mystical belief that this would somehow generate more than enough wealth to pay the government back.

(It’s the same kind of thinking that makes Republicans slash taxes for the rich, believing it will magically generate widespread economic growth benefiting everybody.)

What today’s “Democratic Socialists” want is just a fair deal.

They want better – and safer – schools, good roads and bridges, less poverty, affordable health care, a living wage, help with college tuition, a secure old age… day-to-day stuff like that.

And they want an end to the blatant plundering of the economy by a pampered elite. That has become too obvious to ignore.

We common folks are sick of being splashed by muddy water from the tires of those Ferraris and Lamborghinis roaring by as we walk through the rain to our jobs at McDonald’s and Burger King.

I just wish the folks in charge of the Democratic Party would grow a spine. I just wish they would ignore those scary labels and focus on the bread-and-butter issues of the day.

If the Democrats want our votes, they should talk about employment and education, health care and law enforcement…

We the people want a living wage and good, safe schools. We want good roads, safe bridges, buses and trains that run on time…

And we would like free – or genuinely affordable – health care. And possibly free college tuition. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Also, we would like you fat cats who’re running things to stop spouting nonsense as if you think we the people are all dumb – and blind.

We know you’re lining your pockets and those of your pals. We know you’re feathering your nests and living the good life at our expense.

But could you spare a few crumbs for those of us on the outside looking in?

How about healthcare for starters? We’re dying out here.

Pelosi on Democratic Socialists

Demonizing “Socialism”


Serving the Afflicted


If those kidnapped refugee children are ever reunited with their parents, it won’t be because of Ice Queen Kirstjen Nielsen (photo) or heartless apparatchik Alex Azar . It will be groups like Catholic Charities we have to thank.

These privately funded groups – and an army of volunteers – are working day and night behind the scenes to identify and unite the families torn apart by Trump’s grotesque immigration mandate.

I don’t know about all of the activist groups doing this complex and time consuming job, but I know a little about Catholic Charities. I wrote a feature article about them long ago, when I worked for the Tampa Tribune.

As a newspaper reporter, I was obliged to stick to the facts in that article. I couldn’t let my emotions or opinions show. But I have more license in this blog to reveal my feelings, so I can tell you those folks won my heart. They were magnificent.

Their mission was to serve the shamelessly exploited immigrant families who toil in Central Florida’s strawberry fields.

Those nuns not only  baby sat the children as both parents spent every daylight hour squatting in the blistering sunshine,  trying to earn a few dollars.  They also taught those kids their ABC’s, fed them when they were hungry and nursed them lovingly when they were sick or hurt.

Meanwhile, a priest helped the immigrant parents navigate America’s daunting immigration maze, protecting them from a soulless bureaucracy and reuniting wives and husbands cruelly parted by the US-Mexico border.

These missionaries were nothing like the obnoxious zealots who give religion a bad name. They were true Christians, feeding the hungry, healing the sick and providing succor to the vulnerable and oppressed.

And I, for one, am grateful for the work they do, often unacknowledged and sometimes even vilified.

People like these reinforce my faith and keep me from surrendering to despair. May God bless them and give them the strength to carry on.

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In an Age of Cyber Wars


I don’t own a smart phone. I use an old-fashioned flip phone and I have trouble reading texts or retrieving voice mail messages on it.

I don’t own a laptop or a notebook. I sit at a desk and type these blogs on a 10-year-old PC that crashes mysteriously from time to time.

As you might imagine, my background in electronics is scant. When I got a job editing user manuals three decades ago, I had to look up the meaning of “macro.”

So you can imagine how bewildered I am by today’s whirlwind advances in the cyber world.

And I suspect I am not alone.

As I scan pictures of our lawmakers, many with gray hair and wrinkled faces, I wonder how these old fogies are going  to cope with the sophisticated threats America is facing.

Today’s wars aren’t fought only with bombers and tanks.  They’re also fought with computers.  Armies of hackers are deployed to infiltrate and control an enemy’s electronic infrastructure.

So when I read that the Russians haven’t just hacked into our electoral systems but also into computers controlling power grids and nuclear plants, it seems obvious to me that America is under attack.

Putin’s cyber forces are burrowing into our national defenses even as he hugs his buddy Trump and amiably answers questions from American reporters.

And this is not just the addled opinion of an old Luddite like me. According to Dan Coats, the US director of National Intelligence :

Today, the digital infrastructure that serves this country is literally under attack.

How naive we must seem to our wily Russian invaders. How easy a target this country has become despite our monstrous defense budgets and nuclear arsenal.

While American battleships steam menacingly into the South China Sea and Trump brags about militarizing space, Russian attackers are hacking into the electronic brain that runs everything in America.

Who knows how deeply the Russian tentacles have spread? Who can guess what’s next?

The fogies in Congress want to know. A House subcommittee is holding hearings to try and figure things out. But they might be too late.

We may already be in Putin’s iron grip. Not just because he owns Trump, but because he might also control our country’s electronic brain.

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