Photo: Usain Bolt Crashes a wedding in Paris….

This is why the world loves Usain Bolt…This couple probably saw him and asks for a photo and he obliged. Now they have a wedding photo of a lifetime.

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  • I would be cautious and advise Egypt to allow the people freedom to speak. But I would have learned my lesson from Jordan and others, that The People should be allowed to decide their destiny. this is secular, and everything indicates they will not embrace the Muslim brotherhood, who had nothing to do with the uprising. We need to stand back.

  • I tend to aggree with Grace. Mubarak has been terrible for Egypt, and friend or no friend you should never side with evil. Besides I also don’t think the Egyptians are poised to embrace a Muslim regime any time soon. In my opinion, the thing for the US and other Western powers to do, is assist in organizing an honest and fair election as soon as posible. Isn’t that what democracy is all about? Billy G.

  • dont they always do the same thing? support Democracy with pounding fists, edit the truth, and make the real decisions in clandestine arrangements that provide the best for their own interests? i don’t know much,but i know if anyone thinks they know what’s really going on by listening to the news, then they’re dumber than i’ve originally given them credit. . .let’s just hope we don’t end up ashamed as Americans. . . one more time. . .

  • So true Christine, so what can we do? Things are looking pretty grim, so the best thing to do is pray. One thing I know for sure, God is always in controll. There is an old song back in the 50’s I think, that says ‘Que serra serra, what ever will be, will be…BillyG