Baby oh Baby Jamaica

Pickney Behavior – Society’s Views

I think raising two Jamaican male children in this society today as a parent is challenging. For those that don’t know I have two sons a 18 month old and a 4 year old and seriously sometimes I wonder what the hell was I thinking.

Don’t get me wrong I love them to death but there are the days like yesterday when I out with them both at an event that required sitting for a little while that I wondered what the hell or I should have left them at home.

Children are children and you try your best to make sure they dance a yaad before they go abroad but there will be the tantrums etc. at times no matter how hard you try but the stares you get from persons is ridiculous. Why are we so judgmental and hard on our mothers? Why give them the evil eye?

I remember when I had no kids I used to say why did she carry the child to the hairdresser I come here for peace and relaxation or my children would never behave like that in public. Well guess what my time has come and now I know what it is like as I have to bring a baby to the hairdresser as times and I am now having to talk 50 times to a 4 year old to stop talking, to be quiet.

There was once the saying it takes a community to raise a child from my experience the community couldn’t give one hoot what is happening. Its you and you alone. Where has the love and care for helping our mothers and children gone.

The community is needed more than ever has most mother now work full time jobs. They need someone to say Miss Pat such and such with your child etc.

I see drivers see a mother and her children trying to cross the road and hold their head straight.

Come on people show and little care and understanding for our mothers its not easy.

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