Please don’t touch Nat King Cole…with Reggae….


I love reggae and I love Nat King Cole. I love rap and I love Nat King Cole. I just don’t see how any of the pairs I just mentioned will mix. I read about a soon to be release album title  “Re:Generation” that feature “digitally” collaborations between Nat King Cole and 2 sons of Bob Marley (Stephen and Damian Marley). I have am big fan of Nat King Cole and was worried when his daughter, Natalie Cole,  announced she was collaborating on a few of his songs. I just think his music should be left untouched. I know this sounds old fashioned in the world of sampling but his “silky/smooth” voice does not need anything. I listened to his Christmas Album last  month and just can’t imagine a reggae “collaboration” on any of  his songs…

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