Podcast Round-Robin Showcase – DJ 2Nice (Lee James)

‎2Nice aka Lee James hails from Leeds, England. His love affair with music started when he was 9 years old – 1983 electro music was big on the streets, and he was living in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

There were many break-dancing crews of all ages, and that’s when he first started collecting electro music. By the mid 80’s he started getting a few albums with house tracks like Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason – ‘Can you dance”, Acid Traks, and Adonis – ‘No way back’. From 1987-91 DJ 2Nice was a spray can artist while also playing a lot of hip-hop (Big Daddy Kane, Jungle Brothers, & many other groups). He left school in 1990, started collecting house music weekly, until after a few years he got his first regular DJ gig at Music Factory, Leeds @ a night called ‘Groove Garden’.

Click on the image to listen to “Blazing Summer Raps” by DJ 2Nice

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