Podcast Round-Robin Showcase – Mr DJ ChEeSe

Mr DJ ChEeSe is a Singer/Songwriter, D.J. & Producer.

His musical selections are from the genres, “Soulful House Music” (his Passion and first genre of choice), Hip Hop, and R&B/Soul. While he’s got love for them all, he considers himself a SOULFUL HOUSE HEAD TILL HE DIES.

He got his start when his cousin “Darryl” told him to come to his house one night in the early 80’s, and to come dressed “ta kill” cause he was taking him on the road. Took the G-bus down to Market St., got on the L, and got off @ 13th & Market. Walked down 13th to Cherry Street, and when he got there he was flabbergasted! There was a line going all the way down the street.

Enter the now very famous and biggest Hip Hop Club ahead of it’s time in Philly, called “After Midnight”. It was in an unassuming location. “Literally all ya had was a sign on the top of the building pointing to the stairs that said: ‘Open’…”. The call line for the club – “The Underground Throwdown!”. After that night, it was a foregone conclusion, ChEeSe was gonna be spinning his way into the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere.

Click on the image to listen to “The Early Sessions” by Mr DJ ChEeSe

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