Poem: Bottom Feeder Hope

Written by empressjournee
Photo Credit:  Razvan Chisu

here he stands as if he is the king 

his garment wrinkle, yet, colorful
like a golden kente, influent,
clothing dancing with his lover,
his true heart, now lay low
on a mean street,
that at one time 
meant to him—everything:
he has dreams—somewhat big
but the streets has taught him
what it means to be selfish
what it means to cherish the heart,
that may seems nothing to them,
the heart that deceived him:
because of greed, 
he feel he is in control,
he must win, this thing:
addiction, that hurt him within,
addiction, of becoming rich:
he once recall, working hard, 
for the man, with sweats 
running down his back
like a great raging sea, 
sometimes calm like 
a cool palm tree swaying:
who wish to keep him behind bars
and though he thinks he will succeed
and have that stable dream home,
a compassionate loving family,
he now sees, he was used by
those noble class, to oppress
those he feels are unkind,
much better than him,
he becomes, the trap deep within:
and to those who never 
saw his full potential,
who did not care about his mighty dream,
he still believe, he is the freedom
that nothing can touch him:

here he stand, as if he is—the King 

who still believe, in the victory
that he will win, for he still 
have a dream, rising out of him, 
for he knows, he believes, 
he is, the true king.

© Maxine Foster 2023

About the author


I am a graduate of Medgar Evers College (M.E.C.); mother of three, grandmother and great grand. I love to read great books and listen to podcasts that uplift my consciousness; sharing historical view of the different shades of color, the various culture, the way we all are connected, the musical genius throughout the world and the works that are done to help us tap into ourselves and know that we are worthy. I also love to write poetry and sing. There was a moment that now phase in another aspiration of my life, I felt singing was a forum—a path to take, that helps to voice, express my thoughts, in time where I was struggling, battling something I did not understand and what I was going through; feeling unsupportive. Although, there was some support, especially from my love ones, the challenges I faced was mostly internal.
I am so grateful for the grace I have been given to be able to write my poetic thoughts, that is my freedom. I was a part of a journey that taught me lessons and motivate me that preparation is a must to face a world that may not be ready for a new rising star. Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry. I especially wanted to give honor to my mother who is no longer in the physical, as well as my natural father for the knowledge of health before he departed from this planet. Also, I would like to thank you my supporter for being on this journey with me even at times when the journey seems unclear. May we appreciate the blessings that has been given to us, as we continue to soar, as we reach a place of true jubilee.
Empress Journee

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  • I wrote this poem because someone has requested me to write an essay of a bottom feeder and this came to mind. There is two types of fragrance in the air of the Big Apple (New York City), it’s a fresh scent of wealth that evokes greenish and classical smell, attracting excellence and beautiful alluring women that keeps a man feeling complete, great minds and the season changes, autumn, winter, and spring with gratitude that makes a person smile because of their big dreams. There is another earthy fragrance fill the air of summer scent hot breeze, mix with a foul smell, reaching the nose of a stench urine, soil, rancidity food, scatter on the floor from a neglect, abandon, hurting soul, who have lost their way in their journey. While some people pass by without a care, devaluing those who they see or appear as low status. There is a fragrance that awaken those who have been the gossip of a person that seems low without a dream, sharing stories inside and outside of people lives who were once famous, a billionaire and/or a participant who were new to an environment or the trick of deception; by the way a person walk and/or speak, communicate, or presence seem unpleasant throughout the miles; This a poetic thought of a Bottom Feeder:
    When one rise all rise, when one fall lift him up because you are lifting up a nation. Have a pleasant day.