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Poem: I AM- A children Poetry

Written by empressjournee

Photo credit: James Day


 A Tr_____.

Strong like the oak,

Dare to touch M_____ !

I can change into anything,

Like magic, fast like a sailfish in the ocean,

In the S___a;  like a lion, cheetah, black panther,

Look at M_____!

*colorful, bright, float like a butterfly,

Yellow, like a, bumble B______.

I have no need for air to breathe,

Under the water my gills do the work,

I swim among many

I too can S_____e!

Dare to be like M_____!

I Am a Tr_____ with great branches,

 Wide, strong, thin, long,

Give shades in the morning, afternoon, evening,

My strength is never done,

I stand, tall, erect—I command respect,

I stand bold, Grounded;

Can’t be Out done,

I am not a S______e  nor a H_____!

Wouldn’t you love to be like M_____ ?

Through spring, summer, fall and winter,

I bare fruits, kiss the wind and catch the S_____ n,

 I am like the cypress—empty,

The mango, the beautiful palm,

Like the banana Tr ____ !

Sweet, tasteless, tart, hard, full,

The coconut, peach, apple, the guinep,

You guess right I am almost D______E!

Who Am I?

Count 1,2, 3!

I write, I dance, I S______ g!

I use my hands to let the school bell R________ g!

Yes, you guess that I Am;

Here I come!

Now play the bass, roll the D________N!

I can be small, big, red or a green Pl________!

A fruit, a food, a fish, a tree, a bee—a bright S_____N!

A wise old soul that I A____!

 The fastest, wisest, I Am the Rising Golden Poetic SUN!

Empress Journee

*In honor of Muhammad Ali

About the author


I was born in Jamaica West Indies, immigrated to the United States of America at the tender age of ten. I've had the great privilege as an uprising reggae singer to perform as an open act for various great singers like Dennis Brown, Calypso Rose and others I admired. I also had the great opportunity to meet Dr. Bettye Shabazz and other great leaders. Because of my divine supreme using giants and various people to help develop within and allowed the higher God consciousness of my mind to see the greatness and love in me. I consider myself a wildflower, singer, poet, writer, and a great performer. I am working on strengthening all areas of my spiritual gifts. Peace and Blessings!