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Poem: I AM- A children Poetry

Written by empressjournee

Photo credit: James Day


 A Tr_____.

Strong like the oak,

Dare to touch M_____ !

I can change into anything,

Like magic, fast like a sailfish in the ocean,

In the S___a;  like a lion, cheetah, black panther,

Look at M_____!

*colorful, bright, float like a butterfly,

Yellow, like a, bumble B______.

I have no need for air to breathe,

Under the water my gills do the work,

I swim among many

I too can S_____e!

Dare to be like M_____!

I Am a Tr_____ with great branches,

 Wide, strong, thin, long,

Give shades in the morning, afternoon, evening,

My strength is never done,

I stand, tall, erect—I command respect,

I stand bold, Grounded;

Can’t be Out done,

I am not a S______e  nor a H_____!

Wouldn’t you love to be like M_____ ?

Through spring, summer, fall and winter,

I bare fruits, kiss the wind and catch the S_____ n,

 I am like the cypress—empty,

The mango, the beautiful palm,

Like the banana Tr ____ !

Sweet, tasteless, tart, hard, full,

The coconut, peach, apple, the guinep,

You guess right I am almost D______E!

Who Am I?

Count 1,2, 3!

I write, I dance, I S______ g!

I use my hands to let the school bell R________ g!

Yes, you guess that I Am;

Here I come!

Now play the bass, roll the D________N!

I can be small, big, red or a green Pl________!

A fruit, a food, a fish, a tree, a bee—a bright S_____N!

A wise old soul that I A____!

 The fastest, wisest, I Am the Rising Golden Poetic SUN!

Empress Journee

*In honor of Muhammad Ali

About the author


I am a graduate of Medgar Evers College (M.E.C.); Mother of three and grandmother. I love to read great books and listen to podcasts that uplift one's consciousness and share historical view of the different shades of color, the various culture, the way we all are connected, the musical genius throughout the world and the works that are done to help us tap into ourselves and know that we are worthy. I love to write poetry and sing. There was a moment that now phase in another aspiration of my life, I felt singing was a forum—a path to take, that helps me to voice, express my thoughts, in time where I was struggling, battling something I did not understand and what I was going through; feeling unsupportive. Although, there was some support, especially from my love ones, the challenges I faced was mostly internal.
Back then, as I search to find myself, what I would like to do and who was there to support my dreams at a time I thought I was safe and appreciated, however I was awoken to a reality through words said and unsaid that I needed more development, more attention and love coming from the highest of myself. I did not take those words so good because truly I wanted to succeed to help support my family, give back to the community and to the planet I was birth. At time, I did not know that there was another calling on my life and that the path I chose, I was not well prepared. So, writing became my outlet.
To my children, and those who were going through their own challenges, and those who gave their time to assist me in my dreams, those who have read my poetic imagination, let this poetry enlightening you to write and express yourself from a safe place regardless of what is being said that is not productive. I hope there will be a new chapter in my life that will bring success, inspired those who struggle with defeat, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of vision, depression, various illness, and struggle to give of themselves; to be far better in their thoughts, words, and deeds, uplifting one's character.
When I began my poetry, I felt so deeply inspired I would write when I was inspired, bored and when I feel uninspired. I would take long breaks at times and start all over again. I know I am required to do and be my very best, this is what I strive to be. I wanted to especially thank my love ones, those who stood with me, who help me in the 'music, authors of Caribbean magazine, and film industry,’ although I was new in the game, I felt the urge that I can excel and will make my dream possible, as I was being ushered to pursue my dreams.
To those who were along with me in my journey to self-awareness, and saw my triumph and my defeat in a powerful musical industry; I learn lessons that ‘maturity’ and great mentor, support is needed. I also learned that great knowledge is needed of the background, the lives, the history of musical legends, before my time, one must bring forth great message to the people whose soul needed upliftment. I came to the awareness in the choices I made and the rude awaken that development is needed spiritually and physical discipline in one’s mind and a love for the inner self and people.
I am so grateful that I was a part of a journey that taught me lessons and motivate me that preparation is a must to face a world that may not be ready for a new rising star. Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry. I especially wanted to give honor to my mother who is no longer in the physical, as well as my natural father for the knowledge of health before he departed from this planet. Also, I would like to thank you my supporter for being on this journey with me even at times when the journey seems unclear. May we appreciate the blessings that has been given to us, as we continue to soar, as we reach a place of true jubilee.

Empress Journee