Poem: I Believe the Divine Presence is in Me

Written by empressjournee

Photo Credit: Larisa Birta

I wish to be in the promise land,

Even when I do not understand — God’s plan

I wish to rise above the ocean,

With the help of God presence, who will lead

And take my hand: I will be victorious,

Because the Lord, I know, have magnificent things,

In store for us: I hope I abide by his condition,

And he hears my voice, as I strive to do his mission:

I have divine life, divine life, I have divine life,

Operating in me, this why the King is the victory:

I am walking with a smile, keeping my eyes on the prize,

As I rise hoping, I get there just in time:

Someone is praying for me, someone is praying for me,

Someone is praying for me; could it be you, as well as me?

I am dancing to the Caribbean righteous songs,

Peace, joy, magnificent steel pan:

I sing and sing, cause God is the one:

I am singing joyous melody, that lift my spirit up,

Higher conscious thoughts, yes, to his song:

I give God the glory, when I am alone and feel empty:

I believe, I poetically believe, peace is in me:

God is praying for me, many are praying for me,

God is the victory and that’s why I must believe,

Cause the divine presence, is operating in me!

Empress Journee

About the author


This bio will be short. I am a graduate of Medgar Evers College. Mother of three and grandmother. I love to read and write poetry.

To those who have been a great support in reading my website and those who just came across this poetry this will be the ending of my poetic journey for now. I hope there will be a new chapter in my life that will be a success and inspired people to be far better in their thoughts, words and deeds. I am working on myself and it’s been hard.... yet I am getting there. When I began my poetry, I felt so deeply inspired. Now when I write I just write (feeling burned out of all that has occurred and is occurring) and I am feeling as if my poetry isn’t moving in the manner that I feel it should because I have not place myself in a position to be active reading my poetry at live venues for my own personal reason. I wanted to thank those who took the time to read my poetry especially my love ones. Thank you for being on the journey with me. Peace and blessings.

Empress Journee