Poem: My Caribbean Love 2023

Written by empressjournee
Photo Credit: Matthew Brodeur

My Caribbean love, I miss, you my beloved:

Your arms wrapped around my waist, 
your great big smile, laughter, 
I can’t erase from my mind: 
at the time that never made me cry,
even if it was a moment, even if it was years
even if it was a dream in my own head,
even if it was like the wind, that pass by:

I miss you my Caribbean love:

The dazzling stars, moonlit—night, that brought us
to a place of jubilee, made our heart smile:
beating in poetic ways across the great sea, across the miles, 
made our heart thrive, to a beautiful courtship, that was not hostile:
Yet, I found out it was not my time; It was self-preservation, 
even at the risk of my life: to seek favor, from another 
that touches your life, who seem stronger, wealthier, and wiser than I:
Who wish to be in your arms, just  like I: And my thoughts tells me, 
I should have, been much wise, but its’ ok my beloved,
I had my moment, and it was a lesson, that I won’t hide, 
that cannot be undone even if I wanted to, even if I try:

Still, my mind tells me, keep dreaming, believing that one day 
it will work out right: I wouldn’t wish you to be sad, like the pitfalls
Of not seeing the path I took, made my hearts weep, and maybe yours
in the night:  prevent us from soaring, prevent our hearts from smiling
Sitting at home thinking of a soul, that seek his own goal,
who is now a stranger, gone out of my life, though, my thoughts 
reminds me, we were young, foolish, though my thoughts scream,
'Freedom is mine,' though my thoughts may say, ‘You’re in the wrong,
I must remember, the lessons, of acknowledging my own wrongs
and the trial times, that taught me where I went wrong, to move on, 
even when it seems, it has been a long time:

Still, I do miss you, ‘my Caribbean love: 

Yet, I am learning, love is not controlling, 
love is compassionate, love is kind, 
love allow the soul to be joyful, free from bondage, 
without a bargain, love is, freedom, a sacrifice:

Still, 'I do miss, you my beloved, 

I miss your Caribbean arms, that once made 
My heart dance, made my heart felt your presence
like a beautiful poetic romance: a love that increase joy 
to the heart, a love that teach us about our rights and wrongs: 
Now, let me apologize, for leaving your presence 
in such a way that was unpolite:
Yet, I know now, that I need to do the best I can
As I command my heart, to speak, dance, 
In such a way that is gracious, when I can:
As I imagine, cool breeze, touching my body in the midnight
And the scent of fresh ocean, clean soft sand; sliding,
through my toes, as I think of us  holding hands:  
listening to songs that brings us closer, like the palm wind, 
mellow, embracing peace, in our romance: 
I reminisce, the joy when I first met you, 
this wasn’t by a chance, that brought my heart melodic songs 
and when we parted, it was time, that left me with a gift
of true poetic romance; 

Still, I must say, I miss you, my sweet Caribbean love!’

© 2023 Empress Journee 

About the author


I am a graduate of Medgar Evers College (M.E.C.); mother of three, grandmother and great grand. I love to read great books and listen to podcasts that uplift my consciousness; sharing historical view of the different shades of color, the various culture, the way we all are connected, the musical genius throughout the world and the works that are done to help us tap into ourselves and know that we are worthy. I also love to write poetry and sing. There was a moment that now phase in another aspiration of my life, I felt singing was a forum—a path to take, that helps to voice, express my thoughts, in time where I was struggling, battling something I did not understand and what I was going through; feeling unsupportive. Although, there was some support, especially from my love ones, the challenges I faced was mostly internal.
I am so grateful for the grace I have been given to be able to write my poetic thoughts, that is my freedom. I was a part of a journey that taught me lessons and motivate me that preparation is a must to face a world that may not be ready for a new rising star. Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry. I especially wanted to give honor to my mother who is no longer in the physical, as well as my natural father for the knowledge of health before he departed from this planet. Also, I would like to thank you my supporter for being on this journey with me even at times when the journey seems unclear. May we appreciate the blessings that has been given to us, as we continue to soar, as we reach a place of true jubilee.
Empress Journee