Poem: Mother Divine

Written by empressjournee

Photo Credit: Carolyn Christine

My mother sings to me
Before my heart beats beautifully
She touched me in my womb
I can sense her, so near to me
Touching my mind, observing
My tiny toes, fingers, every part of me
My Mother sings so gracefully—with love:
Before she welcomes me
Before my first breath, she comforts me
Before she kisses me, before my precious
Dew crystal, touched my skin,
Before I smile, before I take my first step
Before I sing—just like she;

Giving honor to him
That no one separate us, from the love

Of a great family:

My mother sing so beautifully,

I wish to be just like she
Because she loves me,

Because she love herself
And she loves him—truly:
So, I begin to sing,

Sing, to my heart—bravely
Even if it’s not as lovely as she.
I am thankful that my mother loves him
has much as she loves me.

Empress Journee

About the author


I am a graduate of Medgar Evers College, mother of three and grandmother. I love to read great books and listen to podcasts that uplift one's consciousness and share historical view of the different shades of color, the various culture, the way we all are connected, the musical genius throughout the world and the works that are done to help us tap into ourselves and know that we are worthy. I love to write poetry and sing. There was a moment that now phase in another aspiration of my life, I felt singing was a forum--a path I should have to express my thoughts, in time where I was struggling, battling something I did not understand what I was going through and feeling unsupportive. Back then, as I search to find myself, what I would like to do and who was there to support my dreams at a time I thought I was safe and appreciated, however I was awoken to a reality through words said and unsaid that I needed more development, more attention and love coming from the highest of myself. So, writing became my outlet.
To those who have been a great supporter in reading my poetic imagination, let this poetry enlightening you to write and express yourself from a safe place regardless of what is being said that is not productive. I hope there will be a new chapter in my life that will bring success, inspired those who struggle with defeat, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of vision, depression and struggle to give of themselves; to be far better in their thoughts, words and deeds, uplifting one's character.
When I began my poetry, I felt so deeply inspired I would write when I was inspired, bored and when I feel uninspired. I would take long breaks at times and start all over again. I know I am required to do and be my best, this is what I strive to be. I wanted to thank those who stood with me through my journey, motivate me to strive to be the very best, took the time to read my poetry, especially my loved ones. Thank you for being on the journey with me. May we find rest (If we can), peace (If we can) and blessings, reign in all of us--as we soar, as we reach a place of true jubilee.

Empress Journee